Nick Nairn Cook School

Phone number
01877 389 900

"Not only do I use Falcon ovens in my Cook School in Port of Menteith - 12 gas range cookers - but I also use a 1092 Deluxe Induction at home, and have just ordered 14 to go in the new cook school at Aberdeen. Let's just say, I'm quite a fan. Reliable, stunning, professional, easy to use... you name it, a Falcon cooks it brilliantly,"

"The Cook School is the heart of what I do. Teaching people to cook from scratch or helping them learn more advanced skills, or just sharing some cheffy secrets is so satisfying. Everyone comes away from a cook School day inspired in some way. It's really a great day out. The new Aberdeen Cook School, opening this year, is something we've talked about for a while, and we're so excited that it's finally happening. It's in a very groovy city-centre location over 2 floors, and will be chocca with fab Falcon induction ovens. There will be a high street cook shop where you'll be able to order your very own oven, or simply buy a whole stash of great kitchen kit. Plus of course, we'll be offering a wide selection of great new cooking classes with a team of fab chefs (and me)".

If you're thinking about a day at either Cook School check our classes page ( or give us a ring on 01877 389 900).

"We've got a class for everyone, from Absolute Beginners to Posh Dinner Parties, Meaty Dishes, Fishy Tips, and much more. Classes come in a variety of styles, from our standard 10-4.30 day classes, with me or one of our top chefs, to shorter days, like our new Kailyard class with exec chef Colin Halliday, who'll be teaching dishes from my signature restaurant at the Hilton Dunblane Hydro hotel,"

"Check our website ( for Aberdeen early-bird vouchers, class info and prices, or for the online cook shop - for ovens, kit, gift vouchers, cookbooks, or perhaps just a little Nick Nairn food scraper (every good cook has one!) and to keep updated with all our latest news".