Professional + 100 FX

A great choice for modern or traditional kitchens, the Professional + 100 FX range cooker features easy-access drop down doors with a colour matched fascia for a co-ordinated look. The dual fuel design is available in a classic colour palette of Black, Slate or Stainless Steel with durable rotary controls and handles. The easy-clean enamel multifunction ovens offer plenty of cooking space while a full width storage drawer is handy for keeping baking trays within easy reach. The five-burner gas hob is fully flexible with a wok cradle for healthy stir-fries while the griddle is perfect for steak, seafood, vegetables and more.

Drop down doors
Two multifunction ovens

Packing two multifunction ovens, with a combined capacity of 130 litres, this chic range cooker heralds impressively high-volume cooking capabilities. Within the fully-programmable left hand oven there are 7 functions available to choose from whilst in the right hand oven there are 5 functions ensuring perfect cooking performance every time.

Multifunction oven
Flexible cooking

The 80 litres of useable space within the left hand oven ensures there is plenty of room for all cooking requirements whilst the multifunction oven offers 7 functions for really flexible cooking:

  • Fan oven: This function operates the fan and the heating element around them. An even heat is produced throughout the oven, allowing you to cook large amounts quickly.
    Fan oven cooking is particularly suitable for multi-shelf cooking and is a good ‘all-round’ function. If you wish to preheat the oven, wait until the indicator light has gone out before inserting the food.
  • Fanned grilling: This function operates the fan while the top element is on. It produces a more even, less fierce heat than a conventional grill. For best results place the food to be grilled on the pan provided. Thick pieces of meat or fish are ideal for cooking in this way, as the circulated air reduces the fierceness of the heat from the grill. The oven door should be kept closed while cooking is in progress, so saving energy. You will also find that the food needs to be watched and turned less than for normal grilling. Pre-heat this function before cooking.
  • Fan assisted oven: This function operates the fan, circulating air heated by the elements at the top and the base of the oven. The combination of fan and conventional cooking (Top and Base Heat) makes this function ideal for cooking large items that need thorough cooking, such as a large meat roast. It is also possible to bake on two shelves at one time, although they will need to be changed over during the cooking time, as the heat at the top of the oven is greater than at the base, when using this function.
    This is a fast intensive form of cooking; keep an eye on the food cooking until you are familiar with this function.
  • Conventional: This function combines the heat from the top and base elements. It is particularly suitable for roasting and baking pastry, cakes and biscuits. Food cooked on the top shelf will brown and crisp faster than on the lower shelf, because the heat is greater at the top of the oven than at the base, as in ‘Fan Assisted Oven’ function. Similar items being cooked will need to be swapped around for even cooking. This means that foods requiring different temperatures can be cooked together, using the cooler zone in the lower half of the oven and hotter area to the top. The exposed top element may cook some foods too quickly, so we recommend that the food be positioned in the lower half of the oven to cook. The oven temperature may also need to be lowered.
  • Browning element: This function uses the element in the top of the oven only. It is a useful function for the browning or finishing of pasta dishes, vegetables in sauce and lasagne, the item to be browned being already hot before switching to the top element.
  • Base heat: This function uses the base element only. It will crisp up your pizza or quiche base or finish off cooking the base of a pastry case on a lower shelf. It is also a gentle heat, good for slow cooking of casseroles in the middle of the oven or for plate warming.The Browning and Base Heat functions are useful additions to your oven, giving you flexibility to finish off items to perfection. 
  • Defrost: This function operates the fan to circulate cold air only. Make sure the temperature control is at 0°C and that no heat is applied. This enables small items such as desserts, cream cakes and pieces of meat, fish and poultry to be defrosted.
    Defrosting in this way speeds up the process and protects the food from contamination. Pieces of meat, fish and poultry should be placed on a shelf, over a tray to catch any drips. Be sure to wash the shelf and tray after defrosting.
    Defrost with the oven door closed. Defrosting should not be carried out in a warm oven. Large items, such as whole chickens and meat roasts should not be defrosted in this way. We recommend this be carried out in a refrigerator. Make sure that dairy foods, meat and poultry are completely defrosted before cooking.
Pizza tart
Create perfect results everytime

The left hand oven comes complete with two flat wire shelves and a deluxe oven tray which has been designed to slide directly onto the ladders allowing you to use the full width of the oven.  

Right hand oven

The right hand oven features 55 litres of useable and comes complete with 5 cooking functions: 

  • Fan oven
  • Defrost
  • Base heat
  • Duo mode: This function provides a gentle heat, operating the fan and base elements. Suitable for baking pastries, cakes and open tarts. For example quiches.
  • Delicate: This function operates the fan only and the base element. It is ideal for cooking delicate items like crème brûlée. It is also suitable for blind baking and bain marie.
Gas hotplate

This 5 burner gas hob features a range of burner sizes to suit all pan sizes and culinary tasks including a powerful multi-ring burner and wok cradle for wok cooking. If you have any spills, the 3 enamelled individual spillage wells are designed to contain the spillages and the durable cast iron pan supports are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. 


Made from robust cast aluminium, the griddle plate sits snugly on top of the gas hob, when required. The flat plate is ideal for cooking vegetables, bacon or french toast, while the grooved plate provides fat drainage, offering a healthier way to sear fish, steak or burgers.  

360 Panoramic view

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