• chocolate cake
    Perfect for those who aren't lovers of the traditional christmas pudding. 
  • wreath
  • fig salad
  • gammon recipe
  • Vegan Pie
  • Vegan Sausage Plait
  • Pumpkin Pie recipe
  • Vodka Rigatoni
  • dumpling recipe
  • lemon meringue pie recipe
    A classic pudding that always goes down a storm!
  • toad in hole
    A delicious spring recipe to make the most of fresh asparagus when in season. Easy and versatile, simply substitute the asparagus for tender stem broccoli or thick courgette batons.
  • Lasagne rolls
    One for the weekend, this dish takes a while to pull the separate elements together, but it is well worth the effort. This is a really tasty dish with lots of colour and flavour. Serve with some crusty bread and green leaves.
  • cookie recipe
    Delicious chewy cookies with white chocolate chunks. Perfect for a treat or serve warm with ice cream for a simple pudding.
  • stir fry recipe
    Wok cooking is a great one pan meal for the whole family. This recipe cooks rice at the same time and then this is added to the wok along with eggs to give a veggie and protein packed meal!
  • Veggie chilli recipe
    This is a great store cupboard dish and perfect for meat free meals or last-minute dinner guests who are vegan or vegetarian.
  • chicken fajita
    A family favourite! Warm up the tortillas in a dry frying pan and keep them warm wrapped foil.
  • Butternut squash
    A mid-week meal can be rustled up in minutes. This recipe uses butternut squash, simply griddled with a tiny bit of oil and some seasoning. This is to accompany the cod which is griddled with some homemade parsley butter.
  • Rum and raisin ice cream
  • summer berry jam
  • Fish tacos
  • Cherry Pie Recipe
  • Cake
  • Chicken Satay Recipe
  • Pimms cupcake
  • donut recipe
  • bao buns
    These Bao buns are so easy to make in bulk in the steam cavity. They are great served warm straight from the oven and go perfectly with pulled pork, or jack fruit or for a bbq.
  • Chicken with Quinoa and Tahini Dressing
    This dish has a lovely flavour with the tangy lemon and nutty tahini. It cooks in 20 minutes so it is perfect for mid-week cooking. The steam cavity makes light work of the quinoa and chicken as they can be cooked at the same time!
  • vegan chocolate pudding
    A fabulous vegan dessert that is very easy to make. These little pots are bursting with delicious chocolate sauce. By using olive oil in the mixture it gives a lovely smooth batter that is light and airy when cooked. This is a dessert for vegans and non-vegans alike and they are best served warm with lashings of sauce. 
  • omlette
    Making an omelette in the steam cavity is really quick and easy. It is not an omelette in the traditional sense but a tasty combination of eggs, cheese, tomato, onion and basil all gently steamed to perfection. They can also be made in silicon cake cases to take on a picnic!
  • Lemon Tart
    This is a hands off lemon tart! Let the steam cavity and main oven do the work for you. This is a great easy recipe for a last minute get together. The lemon filling is cooked in the steam cavity while the pastry bakes blind in the oven. Lemon and pastry are then brought together and finished off using the fan-assisted oven. As the lemon is set as soon as it comes out of the oven then this lemon tart can be served hot or cold or simply at room temperature.
  • cauliflower steak pizza
    This versatile recipe uses the steam cavity and integrated grill. This is a vegan recipe that can easily be made into a vegetarian one or meat eaters one! Have a look at the cooks notes below for ideas on how to make different versions of this dish. A quick simple supper with a salad or have the steaks with homemade chunky chips and garlic (vegan) mayo!
  • white choc and raspberry brulee
    Decadent white chocolate, double cream and raspberries are a winning combination in this steamed dessert. The steam cavity is perfect for this type of pudding. Rather than a traditional burned sugar crust this brûlée has a sour cream topping which helps to cut through the sweetness of the white chocolate.
  • Vegetable Biryani
    This is a lovely dish for mid-week cooking. It’s a great store cupboard recipe so perfect for last minute meals. Don’t be put off by the list of ingredients for the curry paste – these are all easy to find common spices, readily available and if you don’t have them all then it is quite forgiving so just go with what you have.  
  • Porridge
    Making porridge in the steam cavity is joyful. There is no need to keep returning to check on the porridge and find it welded to the base of the pan. Instead, you simply pop the ingredients into a metal tin and press start. The steam cavity cooks the porridge beautifully and evenly in under 10 minutes.
  • Salmon and noodles
    This dish is so quick and easy. It has a zingy dressing that is perfect for a mid-week pick me up. It’s time saving too and can all be cooked, in one dish, in the steam cavity in 10 minutes.
  • Tuna salad
    The steam cavity is perfect for niçoise salad. All of the elements of the dish can be cooked in the steam cavity at the same time! This is a really great flavoursome meal and although it’s called a “salad” it is very substantial.
  • Plum Pudding
  • Lemon Curd
  • Risotto
  • Meringue
  • Lemon Pudding
  • Cheesecake
  • Poached Pears
  • Steamed Chicken
  • Bakewell Tart
  • Autumn Spiced Steamed Cupcakes
  • choco pots
    These lovely little pots take 16 – 18 minutes to cook – perfect for a fast family treat. A scoop of ice-cream would complement the gooey chocolate.  This recipe has been developed especially for Rangemaster by Product Training Manager, Lindsey Payne.
  • scones
    A British classic recipe for afternoon tea. Serve with clotted cream and jam for the ultimate combo!
  • Banana Muffins
    A great way to utilise over ripe banana's and a fun activity to involve the children in.  This recipe has been developed especially for Rangemaster by Product Training Manager, Lindsey Payne.
  • muffins
    These muffins make a great breakfast for kids on the go or eaten warm on a lazy Sunday morning. They are perfect for eating outside on sunny days and a great recipe for kids to rustle up. This recipe has been developed especially for Rangemaster by Product Training Manager, Lindsey Payne.
  • Meatballs
    Time for the kids to get stuck in! Squeezing the meat out of the sausage skins is great fun. The sauce requires a little time for the flavours to develop so make that first. Adult supervision required to fry the meatballs and to make sure younger children do not put their fingers in their mouth with raw meat on. This recipe has been developed especially for Rangemaster by Product Training Manager, Lindsey Payne.
  • Tomato sauce
    Nothing beats making a sauce completely from scratch and this one will not disappoint. I usually make it in the summer when all sizes, shapes and colours of tomato are available, but it can work well at any time of year. Some recipes do not use sugar but I use sugar in mine as I think coupled with salt it brings out the flavour of the tomatoes. This will make enough sauce to serve 4 people when accompanied with pasta. This recipe has been developed especially for Rangemaster by Product Training Manager, Lindsey Payne.
  • Soup
    A fantastic versatile soup that is so quick to prepare – no chopping needed, just a greater and a saucepan. Brilliant for using store cupboard ingredients and for a last-minute healthy lunch that can be on the table in 20 minutes. This recipe has been developed especially for Rangemaster by Product Training Manager, Lindsey Payne.
  • Aubergine
    Chef and Rangemaster brand ambassador* Jordan Bourke has created this delicious recipe exclusively for Rangemaster using his Nexus Steam range cooker.
  • Puddings
    Chef and Rangemaster brand ambassador* Jordan Bourke has created this delicious recipe exclusively for Rangemaster using his Nexus Steam range cooker.
  • Flatbread
    These are a great way to use up any leftover yogurt and are very easy to make. Perfect accompaniment to a store cupboard curry. This recipe has been developed especially for Rangemaster by Product Training Manager Lindsey Payne.
  • Stew
    Chef and Rangemaster brand ambassador* Jordan Bourke has created this delicious heart-warming stew recipe exclusively for Rangemaster using his Nexus Steam range cooker.
  • peanut butter cookies
    Three words: Salty, chewy, and moreish! The ultimate store cupboard treat. These fun cookies take minutes to prepare and only 10 minutes to cook.  No egg no problem; these cookies can be made by substituting ground linseed for an egg. This makes 14 – 16 cookies This recipe has been developed especially for Rangemaster by Product Training Manager Lindsey Payne.
  • Soda bread
    This fantastic and versatile recipe is quick to prepare and cook. Crucially it requires no yeast, no kneading and not even any bread flour! It is a fabulous bread that tastes amazing, especially warm from the oven, and it is great for toasting. This recipe has been developed especially for Rangemaster by Product Training Manager Lindsey Payne. 
  • Lemon Crème brûlée with Poppy Seed Shortbread
  • Breakfast Tartlets
  • Honeyed Apricot and White Chocolate Frangipane
  • Bacon and Cheese Breakfast Muffins
  • Homemade Pink Lemonade
  • Elderflower Cordia
  • Mixed Berry Smoothie
  • Blackberry & Apple Muffins
  • Lemon Cheesecake Jars
  • Mediterranean Vegetable Cous Cous
  • Guilt Free Coleslaw
  • Greek Salad
  • Salmon Tart
  • Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Wraps
  • Mini Pizzas with Goat’s Cheese & Sunblush Tomatoes
  • Gluten Free Chorizo & Apple Rolls
  • Mini Pork & Pickle Pies
  • Ricotta & Spinach Focaccia Bread
  • Nectarine and Raspberry Cake
    This is a very easy recipe to make.  You can use any fruit, fresh or frozen, peaches, nectarines, blueberries, apples, or whatever is in season. The cinnamon could be swapped for ginger or any other complimentary spice. Serve warm as a delicious dessert with cream, ice cream or custard.
  • Chocolate Malteser Cake
    A fun birthday cake for children, this crunchy chocolate delight requires two 18cm sandwich cake tins and a bag of Maltesers – so best to hide them before baking, as they won’t last long otherwise! Don’t worry if the cakes crack a little on the surface, as they will be covered with the chocolate icing anyway.
  • Chocolate Apples
    This autumn why not try your hand at chocolate apples rather than the traditional toffee apple treats? Use a sweet apple such as Pink Lady or Gala for maximum flavour and always supervise children if they are helping you to cook. You should also leave the chocolate covered apples to cool before placing in the fridge to set.
  • Blueberry Muffins
    Light, airy muffins are always a favourite in the Rangemaster kitchen and we love these blueberry versions with a sweet cinnamon topping. Simple enough for novice cooks, they make perfect lunchbox fillers and teatime treats – you could always leave the cinnamon out if you’re not a fan and swap the blueberries for raspberries if you’d prefer.
  • Blueberry Conserve
    Imagine serving your very own homemade jam with breakfast in the morning. Well now you can with this simple recipe for blueberry conserve. It only takes four ingredients plus water and is ready in just 25 minutes. Serve with warmed croissants for a weekend family brunch or slather on hot buttered toast for pure early morning indulgence.
  • Banana & Hazelnut Muffins
    If you’ve always wondered what to do with slightly over ripe bananas, these mouthwatering muffins offer a tasty alternative to the usual banana bread option. It’s a great recipe for using up store cupboard essentials; just keep an eye on the hazelnuts when roasting to make sure they don’t burn and be sure to use clear rather than set honey, as it makes the process easier.
  • Macaroons
    Enjoy these small tasty French Macaroons at your next dinner party or pop them in a box to give as a great gift!
  • Salted caramel shortbread
    A simple recipe to allow you to bake a yummy classic treat!
  • Pain au Chocolat
    These do take sometime to make but the result is well worth it!
  • Biscuits
    This is a basic biscuit recipe that you can choose the flavouring for. There are lots of Halloween shaped cookie cutters in the shops so you can make pumpkins, cats, ghosts, bats and lots of other Halloween related shapes. This amount will make about 10 biscuits depending upon the cutter size you use, so double up the recipe if you need more. You can now buy coloured icing ready-made, to squeeze onto the iced biscuits, great for those little hands to try! These biscuits can also be dipped into melted chocolate, great for the pumpkins and bats!
  • Halloween Cake Pops
  • Raspberry and Pine Nut Muffins
    A perfect Valentines treat!
  • Easter Cup Cakes
    To make these fun Easter cakes you can either make your own fondant icing chicks to decorate the cakes or buy some fluffy yellow ones instead.  Ready coloured fondant icing is now available from most supermarkets. The fondant, writing icing and colourings are readily available from supermarkets.
  • Easy Bread
    There’s nothing more comforting than the smell of freshly baked bread making its way through the home. Bread is a firm favourite among comfort foods, it’s versatile and can be eaten at breakfast, lunch or dinner and what’s more is that it’s easy to experiment with - so once you know the basic rules you’re able to find your very own perfect recipe! Whether you’re a keen baker already or you’re a beginner and want to learn the basics, the below recipe is nice and easy. We tried it out by using our Nexus 110 proving drawer and our bread was delicious – a crisp crust and a soft centre. 
  • Chocolate Chunk Cookies
    This great cookie recipe is the perfect treat for the weekend. With a crisp outer and gooey chocolate centre, they are truly indulgent; a Rangemaster favourite!
  • Brownies
    The Rangemaster signature brownie is the perfect piece of indulgence; soft, gooey and chocolatey. They really do taste fantastic and are sure to become a firm family favourite. 
  • Irish Barmbrack
    To celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style we decided to try something a little different! Barmbrack is a traditional Irish loaf, usually served at Halloween. This treat will no doubt be eaten quickly but will keep for about 10 days if needed. Toast a slice and lather it in butter for an extra indulgence! We have simplified the recipe for you but for the full recipe and instructions visit http://bit.ly/1Xa3Q5g
  • Apricot Danish Pastries
    These pastries take a while to prepare but the wait is worth it. Set aside an afternoon and prepare you taste buds for a treat.
  • Super Summer Pudding
    A fruit-filled summer showstopper of a pud, this dessert will add the wow factor to the dinner table. Use mixed fresh summer berries such as raspberries, cherries, redcurrants, strawberries and blackcurrants and bread that’s two or three days’ old. Don’t use ready sliced or wholemeal – a white crusty loaf is best. It needs to chill overnight so prepare this one the day before you need it.
  • Rhubarb Banana and Ginger Layers
    The perfect way to use up late season rhubarb, this mouthwatering dessert looks so delicate but is packed with strong flavours. If you don’t have glass ramekins, you can use little drinking glasses instead. Our top tip is to dip a slice of banana in lemon juice to stop it going brown before serving.
  • Raspberry Champagne Jellies with Mint Cream
    A light refreshing dessert.
  • Raspberry Bread and Butter Pudding
    A fruity take on the traditional bread and butter pudding, this recipe is pure indulgence with double cream, caster sugar and brandy. You can always leave the brandy out for a kids-friendly version and use frozen raspberries if they’re out of season. We like it served with cream, custard or ice cream
  • Poached Peaches
    Peaches are in season during the summer, so this is the best time to make this dessert. The fruit is gently infused with the liquor of white or rose wine, caster sugar, lemon and vanilla and gently poached until tender. Serve with vanilla ice cream to enhance the delicate flavour.
  • Peanut Butter Ice cream
    Whether you serve a scoop or two with our Pecan Pie or just enjoy it on its own, this crunchy delight won’t stay in the freezer for long! It only needs four ingredients and a lot of patience, as you’ll need to freeze for two hours, stir, repeat, then leave overnight. It’s worth the wait!
  • Mulled White Wine
    We’ve all had the traditional red wine version at Christmas but this mulled wine recipe uses white wine, a fresh orange, sugar or honey, cinnamon and cloves. For a child-friendly version, replace the wine with a carton of white grape juice and add a teaspoon of sugar to each mug. Serve with mince pies and plenty of festive cheer.
  • Christmas Pudding
    This mixture is easy to make, it does have quite a few ingredients and takes some time to prepare.  If you are a vegetarian, just replace the suet with vegetarian suet. Vegetarian suet is also suitable for a gluten free pudding but use gluten free bread for the breadcrumbs and gluten free flour aswell if required. When re-heating on Christmas day, ensure you mix a tablespoon of brandy mixed with a teaspoon of vodka to pour over to light the pudding. The vodka will give a brighter flame than the brandy alone. 
  • Little Lemon Meringues with Clotted Cream and Raspberries
    You won’t be able to resist the combination of crisp lemon meringues, rich golden cream and fresh raspberries – perfect for parties as well as family meals. A Rangemaster top tip is to use tiny drops of oil to secure baking parchment to the baking tray and stop it curling up at the ends when in the oven.
  • Lemon Cupcakes
    A fun dessert to make with the kids, these zingy lemon cupcakes are so moreish and really easy to do. They are also a firm favourite for school bakes and lunchboxes. You can beat the ingredients together by hand or use a mixer and decorate with yellow icing and lemon jelly slices. Keep an eye on them when baking, as they take less than 10 minutes. 
  • Fruity Baked Pudding
    Packed with fruity flavour and goodness, this traditional baked pudding is a great way to use up seasonal berries and looks so pretty in the centre of the table. You can also use frozen berries - just defrost before use. We love the combination of strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and blackberries, served with cream for a naughty but nice treat.
  • Clementine Cake
    Wonderfully moist and tangy, this zesty cake can be made with seedless clementines, satsumas or tangerines, depending what’s in season. It’s a lovely summer pudding made from polenta and natural yogurt, which makes it one of the healthier options, too. You’ll know it’s cooked when an inserted skewer comes out clean – about an hour should do it.
  • Chocolate Crêpes with a Boozy Sauce!
    Super speedy and easy to make, this adult take on the humble pancake is the perfect dinner party pleaser. Serve as a huge stack on a plate in the centre of the table and let guests help themselves. Add a pouring jug of extra chocolate sauce for extra brownie points and if you want a family-friendly version, just leave the brandy out.
  • Bramley Apple Baked Cheesecake
    A traditional fresh dessert
  • Summer Berries Cheesecake Jars
    This easy to make, portable desert makes an ideal addition to any summer picnic.
  • Clootie Dumpling
    Burns night celebrates the life and work of Robert Burns. Robert Burns was the author of the well-known Auld Lang Syne, traditionally sung on New Year’s Eve.   “Burns Night is traditionally celebrated with a meal that includes haggis, but for those of you who don’t like haggis or want something a little different why not try Clootie Dumpling, a delicious desert that’s also easy to prepare”. Alison Baker, Expert Home Economist 
  • Plum and Blueberry Upside Down Cake
  • Olive Focaccia
    An Italian flat bread ideal for dipping into olive oil and balsamic vinegar!
  • Tuna Skewers
    Cooked simply like this with the crunch of sesame and Nigella seeds, the tuna remains succulent. The skewers are easy to cook on a griddle but a large non-stick frying pan will also work well.
  • Hot cross buns
    You don’t have to wait for Easter to enjoy these fruity teatime treats – why not make your own to eat all year round? You’ll know when they are cooked, as you’ll get a hollow sound when you tap the base – 20 mins or so should do it. We like them toasted, buttered and served with a steaming hot cup of tea!
  • Coffee Nut Cookies
    Coffee lovers can get a super sweet caffeine treat with these Coffee Nut Cookies. 
  • Roasted Halloumi
    Enjoy the rich saltiness of Halloumi with this speedy recipe. Perfect for a quick evening meal!
  • Roasted Ratatouille
    A great way to make the most of a glut of sweet vegetables such as red onions, aubergine, baby courgettes and orange peppers. The addition of fresh tomatoes and marjoram really lifts this dish and the colours look wonderful on the plate. Cook until tender and serve with crusty bread or a side of fluffy couscous.
  • Vegetable Stir Fry with Chilli
    This is a colour vegetable stir-fry with a crunchy texture, great to serve with prawns, Quorn or on it's own with some noodles.  We used a chilli sauce but you could use just soy sauce if you prefer. As with any frying, the secret is to not put too much in the pan at once, you may need to cook this in two batches depending on the size of your wok.
  • Peppered Tuna Steak with Gazpacho Salsa
    Quick and simple to prepare and cook, this dish uses fresh tuna steaks, which can be bought from the fish counter or in fresh and frozen packs. Always season your fish before cooking and coat with oil; never oil the pan. The salsa can be prepared in advance and kept in the fridge to save time.
  • Tomato Olive and Pancetta Pizza
    It’s surprisingly simple to make your own pizza and this recipe is a great one for doing with the kids. They’ll love getting messy, making and kneading the dough, and you can let them loose with bowls of baby plum tomatoes, mushroom slices, sweetcorn and ham then encourage them to create their own designs. A Rangemaster pizza pan is the perfect tool for this job but you can also use a floured baking tray.
  • Summer Roast Chicken with Lemon and Thyme
    The ultimate Sunday roast, this family favourite of chicken, veg and gravy can all be cooked in one tin. Allow yourself plenty of time to prepare the bird – 30 minutes should do it – while cooking takes around 1hr 20. Make sure there’s enough wine left for a glass or two for the cook!
  • Spicy Rack of Lamb with Roasted Vegetables
    This one-pot wonder makes a great Sunday roast. If you’re unsure about French trimming the lamb, ask your butcher to do it for you. Spreading the lamb with Harissa paste gives it a warm, spicy flavour while adding a deep red colour that looks stunning on the plate. Using sweet potatoes can also make a nice change from traditional roasties.
  • Spaghetti with Clams
    A store cupboard standby, this Italian classic is so easy and quick to make yet tastes absolutely delicious. If you can’t get hold of clams, use cockles or mussels instead, and if you don’t have time to shop, just serve as a tomato-based dish. Garnish with freshly chopped parsley or a few basil leaves.
  • Salted Chilli Trout on a Bed of Wilted Greens
    Another Rangemaster fish favourite, this tasty dish combines the delicate flavour of trout with salty anchovies and fresh red chillies. You can serve it whole or with the head removed on a bed of wilted greens and go steady on the chilli if you prefer a warming rather than hot spice. A refreshingly different main course when you fancy a change from meat and two veg.
  • Sage and Parma Ham Pork
    Another pork and ham favourite, this recipe is inspired by a traditional Italian dish and is best served with spaghetti or linguine to hold the sauce better. It shouldn’t take longer than 30mins to prepare and cook, making it an ideal weekend lunch. Remember, you’ll need cling film at the ready to flatten the pork before cutting into two thin pieces.
  • Prawn and Hot-Smoked Salmon Risotto with Asparagus
    Rich and creamy, this classic rice dish combines the delicate flavour of prawns and salmon with the distinctive taste of asparagus. Use risotto or Arborio rice for best results and stir continuously for that rich, creamy texture. Add more butter for extra richness and a few Parmesan shavings to finish.
  • Roast Pork with Red Onions
    The perfect weekend roast with crispy crackling... 
  • Lamb Chops with Fresh Herbs and Roasted Figs Green Beans Asparagus and New Potatoes
    Created by Rangemaster Home Economist Alison Baker, this mouthwatering meal is perfect for special occasions and is part of Rangemaster’s tried and tested Valentine’s menu. It will really make the most of your Rangemaster oven and hob, as you’ll be browning, sealing, roasting and simmering to prepare this delicious dish.
  • Game Pie
    A fantastic superfood, rich in protein, this warming pie is perfect winter fodder with a rich gravy and cubed game and bacon filling. Ask your butcher to prepare the game for you by using pheasant, partridge, grouse, rabbit, venison, wild boar, quail or pigeon – whatever’s in season will work best. Serve with your favourite vegetables and your choice of potatoes.
  • Dorset Blue Vinny Pork with Flageolet Cassoulet
    A real show-stopper, this dish is sure to impress guests at a dinner party. It may look complicated but it’s simple enough to make if you have everything to hand before you start. The cider really makes this dish, so buy the best you can budget for if you can’t find Dorset Nectar cider in your local store.
  • Beef Pad Thai
    For those who love their spice, this Thai noodle dish has the perfect balance of chilli, garlic and coriander, with a dash of Thai fish sauce and dark soy for good measure. It’s ideal as a light lunch or main course for dinner, and you could always swap the steak for chicken or pork if you prefer.
  • Baked Red Snapper
    If you’re unsure about preparing fresh fish, ask your fishmonger to descale and gut the snapper for you, so it’s ready to cook when you get home. They can also suggest recipes and ways to cook all sorts of fish and seafood so don’t be afraid to experiment. Serve with homemade chunky chips for a weekend treat.
  • Beef Bourguignon
    The well-known traditional French dish of beef, slow cooked in Burgundy wine.  The slower you can cook it the better! Delicious served with creamy mashed potatoes.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
    Follow this easy recipe for a great tasting curry!
  • Lattice topped chicken and vegetable pie
    A traditional chicken pie with lattice topped pastry
  • Beefy mince topped with sliced potatoes
    As a change from mashed potatoes on your Cottage Pie, try this version with sliced potatoes instead.
  • Roasted Butternut Squash with Blue Cheese
    This is a great dish for vegetarians but would also accompany cold meats very well. Use any blue cheese that you like.
  • Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs
    Sweet and delicious these Hawaiian Kebabs are ideal for a summer evening meal or BBQ.
  • Goats Cheese Ravioli
  • Prawn and Chorizo Skewers
  • Avocado and Chicken Burrito
    The griddle pan on a selection of Rangemaster cookers is ideal for making these tasty Mexican treats. For an extra kick, why not add a chilli, deseeded and finely chopped.
  • Stromboli
  • Homemade Beef Burgers
    These homemade burgers are a great recipe for the summer; whether you're BBQ-ing outdoors or using your Rangemaster griddle in the kitchen, they are sure to be a hit.
  • Sweet Potato and Spinach Frittata
  • Vegetable Moroccan Stew
  • Tomato and Black Olive Tapenade Puff Tarts
    These are lovely and light and tasty, great for a starter or with salad and crusty bread for a main course. Make 1 large tart if you prefer.
  • Fig and Blue Cheese Tart
    Make one large tart or several smaller ones for a starter.  This is also a good main course for a non-meat eater. Use whichever blue cheese is your favourite for this rich and creamy tart.
  • Bruschetta
    This Italian favourite goes well with soup or can be made on smaller pieces of bread, which are good to serve with drinks.
  • Spicy Beef Skewers
    These tasty morsels are perfect finger food and will leave your guests wanting more. For best results, griddle on the hob but if you don’t have a griddle, you can use a grill. It’s worth making the extra effort to create the dipping sauce too, as this enhances the spicy flavour without overpowering it. You could always leave the chillies out if you wish.
  • Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus
    This tasty appetiser has only 3 ingredients and is quick and easy to make.
  • Deep-fried Potato Skins with Chilli Salsa
    Potato skins make an ideal starter or snack and are quick and easy to make. The added dips bring an extra depth to the rich flavours.
  • Peking Duck Wraps
    Traditional variations of this mouthwatering Beijing dish can take hours to prepare, making it one of the nation’s favourite takeaway meals. Our version of this tasty Chinese starter is simple and speedy. Perfect for entertaining, it uses a few store-cupboard staples, carrots, cucumber and two duck breasts and can be cooked from scratch in less than half an hour.
  • Creamy Parsnip Soup
    If you’ve still got plenty of parsnips left after the Sunday roast, here’s a great way to make the most of them with this rich, creamy soup. Perfect as a starter or served with a sandwich for a light lunch, use a little more cumin if you’d like extra heat. It looks even more impressive when served with a sprinkling of paprika and a swirl of single cream.
  • Organic Rocket Soup
    Delicious served hot or cold, this simple soup turns peppery rocket into a main ingredient. You can use either chicken or vegetable stock, so it’s ideal for vegetarians, and you can add further texture with toasted croutons on top. Cut a day-old loaf into even-sized cubes then sauté on the hob with a generous amount of melted butter.
  • Moules Mariniere
     There’s a reason this Normandy classic has stood the test of time and that’s down to its simplicity and rustic flavour. Seafood lovers will adore this starter and it’s so quick to cook. Take time to clean the mussels before you start and discard any shells that have already opened. Serving with loads of crusty baguette to soak up the juices is also a must.
  • Mini Herbed Drop Scones with Feta Cheese
    You may not have cooked these since your school days but drop scones are so versatile and make the perfect canapé for a dinner party or family get-together. The black olives are optional but they do add an authentic Greek flavour that complements the Feta cheese. Try serving with a cucumber mint raita dip on the side
  • Grilled Steak and Bacon Salad with a Roquefort Dressing
    Steak, bacon and cheese may not be an obvious choice but give this recipe a go and you’ll be surprised at how well the flavour combinations work. It’s important to leave the steaks to come to room temperature before cooking and don’t forget to season well. This starter boasts big flavours so you can go easy on portion size
  • Cullen Skink
    Full of flavour and a fabulous winter warmer, this hearty fish soup is a Scottish classic made from smoked haddock, potatoes and onions. Also known as Smoked Haddock Chowder, it’s packed with protein and can easily provide a meal on its own. Add crushed garlic with the onion for extra zing and serve with a hunk of crusty bread.
  • Aubergine and Coriander Pate with Crispy Pitta Bread
    If you struggle to find new ways to cook with an aubergine, this recipe is a delicious vegetarian starter which is so easy to make yet it looks and tastes much more complex. Serve in a large bowl topped with coriander and lime wedges with slices of hot, crispy pitta bread around it then let your guests help themselves.
    Synonymous with towns like Brighton and Bournemouth, fish, chips and mushy peas brings a quintessential taste of the British seaside to your dinner table.
  • Profiteroles
  • Mince Pies
    Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without homemade Mince Pies!
  • Gingerbread House
  • Mulled Wine
    Christmas in a glass!
  • Stollen Pudding
    Have you ever had some Stollen left from Christmas that has gone a little dry? This is a great recipe, quick to make, because it is far too good to waste!
  • Christmas shortbread
    Get the kids involved in this fun baking recipe in preparation for the Christmas festivities.