Sinks & Taps Buyer's Guide

Your sink is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen because you use it every day. Thanks to the different sizes, materials and styles available in our collection we offer one of the largest and comprehensive ranges of sinks and taps in the UK. Our products are designed with the user in mind, we blend stylish design with practical solutions to provide you with products which are durably built to meet the demands of busy family kitchens.

Our buyer’s guide is here to help you decide which sink is most convenient for you and which taps will look best with your new sink.

choose your size

The size of your sink will not only depend on what you use it for, but your lifestyle will also have an impact. If you have a dish washer then you may only need a small sink whereas if you have a large family and a lot of dishes to wash you may find that a larger sink is more suited to you.

This type of sink is useful if you have a small kitchen and you don’t want to overpower it with a large sink. If you have a dishwasher and you only need the sink for rinsing the dishes, not actually washing them then this size could work for you. 

This size will be perfect if you like to multitask when preparing a meal. The big bowl allows you to rinse off or wash your dishes while the half bowl enables you to peel or prepare veg or drain your dishes whilst washing in the main bowl.

If you have a big family or even just a big kitchen with a collection or large pots and pans then a double bowl may be more suited to you. It gives you the flexibility that you need to wash and rinse or wash and prepare at the same time and also has the ability to hold plenty of equipment.

Type of Sink

The type of sink that you choose will depend on your personal preference and the worktops that you have installed as some have different requirements. 

The most popular design choice, it requires a hole to be cut into your worktop so that the sink bowl can sit underneath the base of the kitchen unit and only the surface of the sink is visible when installed – creating a clean cut design. 

An inset kitchen sink is compatible with any choice of worktop material, however these types of sinks are a great accompaniment to laminate worktops as the pre-fitted seals included with Rangemaster sinks create the ultimate barrier against water ingress which could damage a laminate worktop over time if water were to seep through.

Most inset kitchen sinks are supplied with an integrated drainer within its design which offers additional food preparation space and allows washed pots to be dried effortlessly.

Inset options are available in:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Granite
  • Fire-Clay Ceramic

Choose an undermount sink for a sleek, modern and minimalist look. These sinks are installed on the underside of the work surface which extends the worktop area and offers a seamless finished look; increasing the worktop space available makes these sinks an ideal solution for compact kitchen spaces.

This type of sink needs to be paired with a waterproof worktop such as solid wood or granite. It’s the waterproof joints that connect the sink to the counter top and give it the streamlined look.

Undermount options are available in:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Granite
  • Fire-Clay Ceramic

Create the ultimate statement piece in your kitchen with the addition of a sit-on Belfast sink, traditionally styled; these sinks complement shaker style kitchen cabinetry beautifully. If a contemporary look is preferred, there is an option of the Farmhouse Belfast in a new Anthracite Grey finish.

Featuring generous deep bowls, a sit-on Belfast sink is ideal for washing large pots and pans which can't fit into a dishwasher easily.

Sit-on options are available in:

  • Fire-Clay Ceramic

A reversible sink is used with drainers, it has tap holes that are already pre-cut at the front and back which enables the drainer to be used on the left or the right depending on your kitchen design. Whereas, a handed sink has tap holes pre-cut at the back and therefore the drainer position is already left or right.

choose your material

The material of your sink is up to you – it may depend on your budget or the type of look that you want to create in your kitchen. 

Remaining the most popular choice when choosing a kitchen sink, stainless steel is a robust, hygienic and hard-working solution. All Rangemaster sinks are manufactured using the highest quality 18/10 stainless steel providing robust, durable and high quality solutions for every kitchen. Rangemaster stainless steel sinks are rust resistant, heat resistant and stain resistant. Due to the high percentage of nickel included in the steel, our sinks offer a long-lasting high-sheen finish.

Pre-fitted Clips and Seals - reducing installation time and ensuring a water tight seal is achieved with the work surface every time.

Micro-Sheen Finish - an enhanced soft brushed appearance combined with a polished finish which creates a durable high sheen surface.  

Ground Edge Trim - adding an additional textural dimension, the subtle ground edge trim frames the sink beautifully.

Waste Kit Included

25 Year Warranty

A fire-clay ceramic sink will create the ultimate statement piece; with a wide variety of installation options available there is a design style suitable for any style of kitchen. Our ceramic sinks are manufactured using clay sourced from Cornwall, UK. Moulded and fired at high temperatures, Rangemaster fire-clay ceramic sinks are robust and hygienic thanks to the high-gloss glazed finish with every sink.

Easy Clean Surface - featuring a smooth glazed surface, fire-clay ceramic sinks are easy to clean as microbes and stains just simply wipe away.

Superior Strength - thanks to the high gloss glazed finish, Rangemaster ceramic sinks are highly resistant against heat, stains and scratches.

Expanded Colour Range - introducing the new Anthracite Grey finish now available in the Farmhouse Belfast range.

Waste Kit Included*

10 Year Warranty

*Not applicable to all fire-clay ceramic sinks, please check detailed information on featured product pages before ordering.

For a modern and contemporary look, choose a granite sink. There are two different ranges available, Igneous and Neo-Rock - both of which offer a variety of different designs and colours to choose from.

Igneous Granite

Our superior collection, Igneous Granite sinks are constructed from a patented formula of 80% quartz - the toughest element of granite - and high-grade acrylic, the Igneous sink collection is literally rock solid. its natural anti-bacterial surface repels microbes and stains which means cleaning is a dream.

Neo-Rock Granite

Incorporating 70% quartz particles, Neo-Rock sinks are extremely scratch resistant and resilient against high temperatures.

Both collections offer the following features:-

Durable Material - resistant against knocks, scratches, heat and stains - ideal for busy family lives.

Hygienic Surface - a non-porous material which naturally repels microbes and stains making the sink much easier to clean.

UV Stability - our patent mix of raw materials protects the colouring from fading offering a fade free finish for years to come.

Waste Kit Included

25 Year Warranty


Now that you’ve got your brand new sink you may want to invest in some additional accessories, we offer a range of draining baskets, strainer bowls, chopping boards and waste disposal units to accessorise your new sink with.

In addition to a drainer you may want to purchase a draining basket which will sit on top of it. The draining basket prevents scratches from forming on your drainer and it also allows you to organise your dishes so that they can dry effectively.

This accessory is useful when trying to get rid of food waste - it stops the waste from falling and causing the sink to block.

Waste disposers are great additions to your kitchen sink. Not only are they good for the environment but they also prevent blockage in the sink and help to keep it clean. Food falls into the sink and is washed away into the disposer and crushed into tiny pieces, it’s then flushed away as normal.  Rangemaster models contain a Bio Shield which protects against odour and bacterial growth. They are available in a variety of sizes and they are easy to install – you just need a mains power source nearby. Remember to clean your waste disposer regularly to keep it in pristine condition. 

All Rangemaster stainless steel and granite sinks are supplied with a compatible waste kit, and the majority of our fire-clay ceramic sinks are also supplied with waste kits too with the exception of a couple of products only. Please always check our product pages for detailed information of what's included with the sink before purchasing.


While you can install your sink yourself it is always best to get a professional to do it for you. Different types of sinks require different installation methods, by getting a professional to do it you can be sure that it is being done correctly – especially if the sink needs to be cut into the work top or if it needs specific tools that stop the water from leaking from the sink to the counter top.

Routine cleaning of your kitchen sink is easy if the following simple procedure is followed: After use wipe the bowl and drainer with a soft damp soapy cloth and rinse with clean water. In hard water areas, an application of proprietary cream cleaner will avoid any build-up of waterborne deposits.

Always check the warranty on your sink. It’s important to fully understand the warranty of your sink so that you can rest knowing that if you aren’t satisfied with the sink then you are completely covered. You should note that our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear which occurs through the use of the sink. 


Add a touch of aesthetic appeal to your kitchen by choosing from a wide selection of traditional and contemporary styles. All Rangemaster taps are manufactured from high-grade brass and finished with long-lasting coatings. Ceramic disc cartridges are included with every tap which provided smooth handle movement and ensures the user has full control over the flow and temperature of the water.

There are a variety of designs and finishes available to choose from including filter taps, pull-out taps and our state of the art 4-in-1 Geo hot water tap, which safely dispenses 98°​ hot water and crystal clear filtered water.

Typically paired with Belfast fire-clay ceramic sinks, Rangemaster's Bridge dual lever mixer taps are an elegant addition to your kitchen scheme. This style of tap features two separate pillars for hot and cold water feeds which are then connected by a central bridge.  

Rangemaster's filter taps deliver crystal clear, clean water thanks to the high quality carbon filter included, which reduces impurities and delivers fresh tasting water at the push of a handle. The addition of a filter tap not only offers health benefits, you can also reduce your plastic usage. Each cartridge delivers 2,500 litres of water on average and can easily be replaced when needed.

Operate your tap single-handed while maintaining maximum control over the temperature and flow of the water thanks to the ceramic disc cartridge included which has been designed to ensure a smooth handle operation is maintained when turned.

A dual lever tap gives the user full control of the independent hot and cold water feeds, with an added benefit of your hot water plumbing system not activating unnecessarily when the cold water is turned, saving energy day-to-day.

Smart, efficient and safe; Rangemaster's GEO hot water taps offer safe dispensing of 98°​ hot water, filtered water and domestic hot & cold water feeds. Receive instant hot water from its compact boiler which is installed safely underneath the sink, free-up worktop space and de-clutter your kitchen with the removal of your household kettle as the new 4-in-1 hot water kitchen tap really does do it all. 

Choose a kitchen tap with pull-out function for ultimate food preparation and cleaning results. Thanks to its extendable hose, larger pots and pans which cannot fit easily in standard sinks can be cleaned easily. The majority of our designs feature a retractable hose which sits discreetly within the tap not altering its appearance from a standard tap.


With an array of different colour tap finishes now available it's important you choose the perfect colour to complement your sink and kitchen scheme, Rangemaster offer a variety of finishes included chrome, brushed and matt finishes.

The most popular finish, our brass taps are plated using electrolytic technology ensuring the taps chrome finish is durable, long-lasting and finished with a high sheen mirrored look.

A brushed finish gives the tap an eye catching sheen appearance and is long lasting. Brushed finishes are available standard brushed and new brushed copper, both colour options are applied using electrolytic plating methods to ensure the tap is durable and long-lasting.

Our matt black and graphite finishes offer a sleek, contemporary alternative to chrome and brushed finishes.


The flow of water is determined from the water pressure available in your home, identifying the type of plumbing system already installed will help you choose a tap to suit your water pressure.

The majority of our taps have been designed to work with all plumbing systems including low pressure hot water tanks. Look for the 'A' symbol across our range which highlights compatibility with all water systems from 0.2 bar pressure onwards.

Some of our taps have been designed to work with a higher bar pressure of 0.5 bar onwards, look for the 'M' symbol against these types of taps as they will require a plumbing system with higher pressure.

Taps with a 'H' symbol will require a plumbing system with 1.0 bar or higher when installing, a combi boiler is typically programmed to these levels of pressures, however always check with your installer before purchasing.


Smart, efficient and safe; Rangemaster's hot water taps offer safe dispensing of 98°​ hot water, filtered water and domestic hot & cold water feeds. Receive instant hot water from its compact boiler which is installed safely underneath the sink, free-up worktop space and de-clutter your kitchen with the removal of your household kettle as the new 4-in-1 hot water kitchen tap really does do it all. 

GEO is an evolution in 4-in-1 taps - delivering domestic hot and cold, filtered and 98°​ hot. Geo features a child-safe Hotfob which activates the boiling hot water when the fob is in contact with the body of the tap which means Geo is safe for all the family.

Boiling hot water is delivered consistently and can deliver up to 100 cups an hour.

Geo hot water taps are supplied with a compact hot water boiling system which is designed to fit neatly under the sink within standard cabinetry, this system features anti-scale boiler technology which alters the user when the boiler needs de-scaling, it also features an ECO mode which will reduce the heat within the boiler slightly when not in use to reduce energy bills.


It is always better to get a professional plumber to install your kitchen taps. There are a number of factors to think about before installing your tap, such as the water pressure, so it’s best to carry out the installation safely with a professional.

Always check the warranty on your tap. It’s important to fully understand the warranty of your tap so that you can rest knowing that if you aren’t satisfied with the tap then you are completely covered.