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  • 60cm Dishwasher
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  • 60cm Dishwasher
  • 45cm Dishwasher

Contrary to what many people still believe, using a dishwasher is much more water and energy efficient than washing-up by hand. According to the Energy Saving Trust, hand washing dishes uses around 4% of a household’s water while a dishwasher only uses 1%, which means that those on a water meter will save money if they switch to a dishwasher.

The average dishwasher will use 11 to 13 litres of water per cycle while filling a washing-up bowl with hot soapy water can use up to nine times that amount, especially if cutlery or crockery is also rinsed under a running tap. As well as saving water, dishwashers also save energy. Of course, this depends on how often you pop the dishwasher on, whether it has an Eco or half load setting and how old the appliance is. But in general dishwashers don’t guzzle electricity and by choosing an energy efficient model, you can save even more.

Rangemaster has just launched a brand-new integrated collection with sizes and price points to suit all kitchens and budgets. Perfect for that unobtrusive, sleek, streamlined look, integrated dishwashers are discreetly concealed from view once the cabinet door is closed. Great for open-plan designs and kitchen-diners, built-in models are aesthetically sleek and super-quiet. Choose from 45cm slimline appliances for smaller households or compact kitchens and 60cm full size dishwashers for families or if you enjoy entertaining at home. For both size options there are models for all pockets. No matter what version you go for, you’ll still benefit from Rangemaster’s high-quality key features such as adjustable racking, upper and lower cutlery baskets, touch control, half load and delay start.

P60 Integrated Dishwasher


The new top of the range P60 design is a full-sized dishwasher with 15 place settings, six wash temperatures and nine programmes including Auto, Auto Intensive, Auto Delicate, Rapid and Eco Wash. It has adjustable top racking, upper and lower cutlery baskets, touch control, a half load option and 1-19-hour delay start. There’s even an extra silent function, perfect for open-plan kitchens or when you want to pop a load on before you go to bed or make use of the delay start overnight without waking anyone up.

P45 Integrated Dishwasher


For smaller kitchens, studios, apartments or when you want to house your dishwasher in a compact island or utility room for instance, the top of the range collection also includes a P45 slimline version. With 10 place settings it has six wash temperatures, nine programmes including Auto, Auto Intensive, Auto Delicate, Rapid and Eco Wash as well as adjustable top racking, upper and lower cutlery baskets, touch control, a half load option, 1-19 hour delay start and extra silent functionality. In fact, everything the Premium 60cm dishwasher offers but with a smaller capacity.

60cm dishwasher
T60 Integrated Dishwasher


When you are keeping a close eye on budget, the new Rangemaster T60 dishwasher is a full 12 place setting model with six programmes including Auto, Auto Intensive, Rapid and Eco along with four wash temperatures, adjustable top racking, lower cutlery baskets, button control panel, half load option and 1-19 hour delay start.

T45 Integrated Dishwasher


And when you want a more affordable price and a smaller footprint, the slimline T45 design has all the same features but with 10 place settings, perfect for smaller households.

To get the most out of your dishwasher and to save both water and energy, there are some additional hacks you could do. Don’t pre-rinse dishes – simply scrape off any uneaten food into the bin or composter and use a good dishwasher detergent. Always use the Eco setting if time isn’t of the essence. This uses less power by heating the water slowly over a longer cycle. And lastly, always fill the dishwasher up before using – or choose a half load option.

To complete your new dishwasher set up, here are some of our favourite sink area accessories to brighten up any kitchen this season…

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