Rangemaster launches new induction models

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  • Rangemaster launches new induction models
  • Rangemaster launches new induction models
  • Rangemaster launches new induction models
  • Rangemaster launches new induction models
  • Rangemaster launches new induction models
  • Rangemaster launches new induction models

Swiftly becoming the fuel of choice for home cooks and keen chefs alike, induction cooking has really taken off over recent years. The benefits are many – it’s safe, energy efficient and ultra-responsive – so it’s easy to see why so many of us are swapping ceramic and even gas cooktops for the controllability and easy cleaning of induction. Offering everything that the home cook needs for everyday meals as well as entertaining family and friends, Rangemaster has launched a brand new, next-generation induction system on two of its popular range cookers.

The new induction system has everything you need to make cooking at home simpler and safer. For those with young children racing round the kitchen on a daily basis, the child lock and pan detection function offer peace of mind while the brand new bridging zone, power boost and simmer controls help make mealtimes a breeze.

The Nexus SE 110 shown with induction compatible griddle


Adaptable and powerful, the new, next-generation induction system from Rangemaster has everything that we love about this safe, efficient way of cooking. Ideal for family kitchens, the updated features that you’ll benefit from in the new induction range aim to make cooking on the hob easier, more controllable and faster, as and when you need it. What’s more, all new Rangemaster induction range cookers will include a bridging zone, where two large cooking zones can be combined into one large surface area for bigger pots, pans and fish kettles. There’s also a new induction compatible griddle, which comes as standard on selected range cookers, and is made from cast aluminium so it’s lightweight and hardwearing with rubber feet on the bottom to protect the induction glass hob from scratches and scuffs.

Rangemaster’s Nexus SE 110 with induction top


When it comes to safety, not only is induction inherently safer as it’s the pan that heats up and not the hob, but the pan detection feature on the new Rangemaster models means that when the hob is on but no pan is detected, the hob automatically switches itself off. There’s even a boil dry detection function that will recognise when the temperature of a pan rises rapidly, responding by reducing the temperature to a safer level. For melting chocolate or slowly simmering sauces, there are three low temperature settings that can hold the induction zone at a programmed temperature for two hours if needed, after which it will switch off automatically. And when you need instant heat, the power boost setting provides maximum power for 10 minutes, again, automatically reducing back down when the time is up.

To help get your cooking started on one of the new Rangemaster induction models, here’s our pick of some of the best induction-ready cookware…

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