Rangemaster Refrigeration

Specialists in professional-style appliances that combine form with function, Rangemaster's collection of complementary freestanding refrigeration has something to suit every culinary need and kitchen space. As well as smart styling, the new cooling range includes a variety of high-tech features and functions to keep fresh and frozen food at its best, for longer.

Ionizer Technology

Our innovative Ionizer technology works by spreading negative ions throughout the refrigeration interior, which in turn neutralises any unpleasant odours and dust particles that could otherwise linger inside the cavity. By invisibly and silently removing them, the air quality inside the cooling appliance is instantly improved while any underlying odours are quickly eliminated.

Even circ
Even Circ Technology

Keeping food fresh for longer lies at the heart of each and every Rangemaster refrigeration appliance and that’s why we incorporate Even circ™ into our new collection of freestanding and integrated models. This state-of-the-art technology minimises any heat transfer from the walls inside the cooler unit to ensure that the food stored inside it stays at its optimum freshness for longer.

Rangefresh Preserver

Our unique Rangefresh preserving technology helps to remove ethylene gas from inside the refrigeration cavity. This gas is a harmless bio product that is released naturally from fresh foods and by eliminating it, we also remove any unwanted odours that would otherwise naturally occur. This also has the added benefit of keeping food fresh for longer


Our adjustable door shelf offers six different heights,so you can choose the storage areas that suit your needs the most, whether it’s wider gaps for taller
bottles or shorter solutions for compact ingredients.

Full width glass shelving

All our fridge compartments have full width safety glass spill-proof shelves with a stylish stainless steel trim. The shelves are also height adjustable, giving you the option to alter their position depending on the ingredients you wish to store inside. Perfect for taller bottles as well as bulky items.

Led lighting
Efficient LED lighting

LED interior lighting is energy efficient and long lasting so in our new collection of refrigeration appliances, we have centrally positioned LED lighting at the top and on the side walls within the fridge compartments. This has the advantage of giving better light dispersal within the cavity, making it easier to locate your fresh food, even those hard to find items at the back.

Frost free
Frost Free / No Frost Technology

Wave goodbye to the dreaded task of defrosting the freezer. Thanks to our innovative Frost Free / No Frost Technology, there’s no more chiseling away at built-up frost - a must for today’s hectic lifestyles and hardworking kitchens.

eco mode
Eco Running Mode

When you’re away from home, whether for a few days or a long summer break, set the Eco Running Mode to preserve power while still keeping the food inside at its optimum temperature.