If it's flexibility you're after, the Excel will excel thanks to its triple oven cooking functionality.

The Excel 110 is a range cooker that can cater for every occasion, offering, as well as its two large capacity ovens, a separate grill and a dedicated slow cook oven. Thermostatically controlled, this additional feature is ideal for hearty casseroles, keeping dishes warm, or simply warming plates.

Induction hob
  • Five zone induction hob, for truly flexible and responsive cooking with "hot hob indicators and child lock feature for added safety
  • A multifunction oven featuring eight functions for really flexible cooking. The oven includes fan and conventional functions combined with grilling, base heat and browning elements all of which can be used individually. So you can use the base heat to crisp the base of your pizza; fan grill some whole fish; brown a pasta bake; cook your roasts using the fan assisted function or bake using the conventional function. The Rapid Response™ function offers a rapid heat up time for any dish or ready meal heating up 30% quicker than a fan oven alone.
Slow cook oven
  • No more scorching your hands on the oven cavity when you reach in for your food. The Handyrack attaches to the main oven door and pulls the roasting tray out for easy access when the door is opened. This feature is great for Sunday roasts or alternatively for straight to the table meals such as lasagne.
  • A separate dedicated slow cook oven cavity is the perfect environment for cooking casseroles or for keeping food hot as it offers a gentle heat with a variable heat setting of 80o to 140o. This oven can also be used for warming dishes prior to serving food.
Glide-out grill
  • Positioned on smooth-action telescopic runners, the Rangemaster glide-out grill™ does exactly that. Not only is it easier to check up on your food as it is grilling, but it is also safer as it reduces the risk of pulling the grill out too far.
  • Catalytic liners, the cook clean liners absorb fat and steam during cooking, and release these deposits to the base when above 200˚C, ensuring that the oven is kept as clean as possible with the minimum effort
  • Timer, for added peace of mind when cooking unattended
  • Porthole doors, making it easy to check on food without having to open the oven door
  • A rated ovens for energy efficiency