Introducing all new Induction

Induction cooking is becoming one of the most popular fuel choices thanks to its energy efficiency, controllability and safety. With this in mind, Rangemaster has introduced the next generation in induction systems – the Rangemaster Induction System G5 MK2, which will feature on an exclusive number of range cookers.

Low temperature settings

Choose this option to hold a low temperature for a period of two hours, after which the hob will switch itself off. Great for melting butter or chocolate, keeping food warm or cooking on a gentle simmer.

Bridging zone

The new induction system includes two large cooking zones that can be used independently or bridged together to create one large surface area for griddles, fish kettles or a number of pans together.

Sausages griddle

We’ve also developed a brand new induction compatible griddle, which comes as standard on the Nexus Steam, Nexus SE, Nexus, Elise and Elan Deluxe range cookers whilst also being available as an optional extra on the Leckford Deluxe and Longstock Deluxe families. Cast aluminium, it’s lightweight yet hardwearing with rubber feet to protect the glass hob beneath.

Power boost
Power Boost

This function offers maximum power in an instant and is available on each of the cooking zones. Perfect for rapidly boiling water.

Pan Detection

New induction burners on the Rangemaster system will recognise when a pan is placed on any of the cooking zones and will switch off automatically once the pan is removed from the surface.

Boil Dry
Boil Dry Protection

Sensors also recognise when the temperature of a pan rises rapidly, usually when a pan is about to boil dry, and will automatically reduce the power.

Nexus SE
Current availibility

The advanced induction hob is currently available on the following Rangemaster range cookers:

  • Nexus Steam
  • Nexus SE
  • Nexus
  • Elise
  • Elan Deluxe
  • Longstock Deluxe
  • Leckford Deluxe
Induction range cooker
Important information for pacemaker and implanted insulin pump users

The functions of this hob comply with the applicable European standards on electromagnetic interference. If you are fitted with a pacemaker or implanted insulin pump and are concerned please consult your doctor for medical advice.