What to consider when choosing a new appliance

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Whether you’re planning a whole new kitchen or simply updating a tired look, when it comes to choosing new appliances there are plenty of things to consider. Before you start, decide if you’re going freestanding or built-in. Freestanding cookers and refrigeration are guaranteed to make a statement and can be used to create a striking centrepiece while for a sleek, seamless, fuss-free finish, built-in is the way to go.

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As well as it’s ever-popular collection of range cookers, Rangemaster also has a fantastic selection of high-spec, high-design built-in appliances with ovens, hobs, compact appliances, refrigeration and dishwashers to cater for every culinary need so there’s sure to be something to suit. Start by drawing up a budget. If you’re also replacing the cabinets, worktops, flooring and lighting then try to keep a generous amount for the appliances, as these are the workhorses of any kitchen and you want to invest in something that lasts. This is where Rangemaster can help as all its appliances are built with the highest quality materials with strict quality controls at every stage during design, development and manufacture. If you’re just replacing old, inefficient appliances then again you want to spend as much as your budget allows as you certainly do get what you pay for.


Next, think about the food you like to cook and the way you like to cook it. Do you enjoy baking – cakes, pastries, bread – in which case, a fan oven with Delicate Bake, Browning and Grill is the perfect choice. Think about Pyrolytic self-cleaning to make life easier as well as the latest Twin Zone single oven, which offers the option of splitting the cavity into two independently controlled fan ovens when you need it. Keen bakers will appreciate the convenience of a bread proving drawer, which can also be used to keep plates warm before serving.

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How about steam cooking? If you enjoy preparing healthy home-cooked meals for family and friends then check out Rangemaster’s Nexus Steam, a unique range cooker that features a dedicated steam cavity as well as an 11-function oven, ideal for retaining food’s vitamins, minerals, nutrients, texture and taste. It also comes with a Deluxe Hotplate that boasts a multi-zone griddle for added healthy options.


Nexus Steam


As well as a steam cavity within the new Nexus Steam range cooker, the new built-in collection also includes a state-of-the-art Steam Oven that can be combined with a single or double oven, coffee machine, combination microwave oven, storage and warming drawer for the ultimate kitchen kit. Use it to steam food for flavoursome, healthy meals as well as to grill, defrost and cook authentic pizza from fresh or frozen.


Steam cavity salmon


When it comes to hobs, if you’re looking to buy a freestanding range cooker then as well as the oven configuration there is also the hob top to consider. Choose from gas with cast iron pan supports, easy-clean ceramic or energy efficient induction. The same goes for separate built-in oven and hob. There are plenty of sizes, styles and fuel types to pick from so it’s important to take time to consider the types of dishes you like to cook and which fuel type suits you and your home best.


Nexus SE


Think about the space you have for each appliance. A bank of built-in models looks stunning in a contemporary kitchen design and you can install them in whichever layout suits you best – a vertical or horizontal column or a ‘box’ effect are the most popular. Look at the finish and styling; decide whether you want your appliances to complement or contrast the cabinetry. Do you like the luxe look of black glass or would you prefer the professional finish of stainless steel? If you’re going freestanding, add a pop of vibrant colour to an otherwise neutral space or go for a classic shade in a traditional kitchen scheme.


Professional Deluxe


Once you’ve taken note of your cooking habits, your lifestyle, how you use the kitchen and what look and style you want your appliances to have, it helps to narrow down your choices. Add in your fuel preference, allocated space and budget and you’ll soon get an idea of what it is you’re looking for. Take time to check out all the different features and functions that each appliance has to offer, too. Some may be more relevant for you than others so it’s essential to hone it down to those benefits that will really work for you.


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