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Refresh Your Kitchen With Rangemaster’s Brand New Sinks and Taps

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Whether you’re planning a whole new kitchen this year or simply want to update an existing scheme, a new sink and tap will instantly breathe new life into your room. A sleek sink and tap will add wow factor as well as practicality and functionality for washing up, rinsing, cleaning and drying pots, pans, crockery, fruit and vegetables.

Kitchen Trends for 2024

Cosmo Stainless Single Bowl Sink

A very warm welcome from everyone here at Rangemaster to the start of 2024. We’d like to wish you a Happy New Year and if you’re planning a new kitchen this year, we’ve hand-picked eight top trends that are set to be big news in the coming months. Whether one or two catch your eye or you want to make an impact with a number of these on-trend looks, finishes and styles, we’ve got the appliances, sinks and taps to match…

Save time, save energy, save money with the GEO 4-in-1 tap | 6 reasons why you need a boiling water filter tap

Geo intense tap

A few years ago, a boiling water or filtration tap was a luxurious addition to the kitchen sink. Fast forward to today however, and many kitchens now feature a multifunctional 4-in-1 tap that can do it all! Forget standard mixers providing hot and cold – with all the demands on our kitchens, as well as a need for saving energy, time and money, a 4-in-1 tap is a must.


Ceramic kitchen sink

Whether you’re planning a whole new kitchen as part of a renovation project or you just want an instant kitchen update, a new sink and tap is the perfect start. Boiling water taps have become hugely popular in recent years and this is because they deliver instant boiling water for cooking and hot drinks. This means you can wave goodbye to the kettle, which frees up space on the worksurface, plus it saves energy as you’re only heating up the water used and it saves time, too.

Green kitchens lead the trend for colourful interiors

Classic Deluxe

Spending more time at home lately has created a renewed interest in making sure our homes are as warm, welcoming, comforting and cosy as can be. Our interiors are our sanctuary; a space where we can relax and indulge our passions for pastimes perhaps long forgotten such as baking, crafting, exercising, reading and going back to a simpler age where we enjoy and appreciate the little things in life.

Sink or Float

Sink or float

We have created this fun sink or float activity worksheet for children to experiment and find out whether certain popular fruits and vegetables sink or float when placed in water! 

Why not print out the below work sheet, add some water to your sink and have fun experimenting!  

Rangemaster’s stylish new sinks will freshen up any kitchen scheme


Whether you’re planning a whole new kitchen project or you just want to update a tired scheme, swapping your current sink for something swish and new is just the thing. There was once a time when choosing a new model simply meant updating one stainless steel design for another but today there are so many wonderfully attractive sinks to take your pick from, in all manner of materials, colours and finishes.



This month we’re looking at the enduring trend for Country Farmhouse kitchens. These classic styles are always in fashion, and they can be used to complement period properties as well as to bring charm and character to a modern new-build. Cabinetry tends to be painted or natural wood with in-frame doors that can be as simple or as detailed as you like. A fuss-free door panel offers a modern take on the Shaker style, which is a popular choice amongst homeowners looking for the perfect balance between classic and contemporary design.