Save time, save energy, save money with the GEO 4-in-1 tap | 6 reasons why you need a boiling water filter tap

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Geo intense tap

A few years ago, a boiling water or filtration tap was a luxurious addition to the kitchen sink. Fast forward to today however, and many kitchens now feature a multifunctional 4-in-1 tap that can do it all! Forget standard mixers providing hot and cold – with all the demands on our kitchens, as well as a need for saving energy, time and money, a 4-in-1 tap is a must. Combining steaming hot water, crystal clear filtered water as well as domestic hot and cold, the GEO Intense 4-in-1 kitchen tap from Rangemaster provides all the water you and your household needs for drinking, cooking, rinsing and washing-up. It also comes in a choice of four classic and contemporary finishes to complement your sink and kitchen design.

Geo intense tap


6 reasons why you need a boiling water filter tap

So why is this 4-in-1 tap such a good investment and a necessity for the home? We’ve outlined six reasons why having the GEO Intense ticks all boxes…

1. It’s sustainable, saving energy and water

There are many ways of being more sustainable and eco-friendly in what we buy and what we use. A tap that provides boiling water on demand saves energy, as you’re not boiling the kettle, which we often over-fill, wasting both energy and water. The GEO Intense 4-in-1 provides just the right amount of instant steaming hot 98˚C water as and when you need it. Perfect for making hot drinks as well as boiling water for cooking, there’s no wasting energy with the kettle or waiting for a pan of water to heat up on the hob.




2. It also reduces single-plastic use

When you have a 4-in-1 tap, you don’t need to buy plastic bottles of water, as the GEO Intense from Rangemaster delivers crystal clear filtered water on demand. It has a high quality carbon filter to reduce impurities and deliver fresh-tasting water at the push of a handle. The cartridge lasts around six months and is easily replaced when needed. So now you can drink fresh, pure cool filtered water whenever you want, without buying single-plastic bottles that are bad for our environment. You can also fill up a reusable water bottle with filtered water for when you need hydration on the go.


geo tap


3. It saves you time

Having a 4-in-1 tap saves so much time, as you’re not waiting around for the kettle to boil or a pan of water to heat up on the hob. We’re all busy these days, dashing about doing a hundred things at once, so having instant boiling water on demand makes it so much quicker to cook pans of pasta or blanch vegetables as well as grabbing a tea or coffee while working at home or needing a quick cuppa before heading out for the day.


geo tap


geo tap


4. It saves money

Multifunctional 4-in-1 taps also save you money, as you’re not using as much energy as you would be with a kettle or heating water in a pan on the hob. Less energy use equals lower energy bills, and that’s something we could all do with right now. If you’re thinking of upgrading your current kitchen tap or giving your kitchen a makeover, the Rangemaster GEO Intense is a great investment with so many practical advantages.


geo intense


5. It looks so stylish

The GEO Intense is ultra-sleek and stylish and designed to enhance any kitchen décor. It comes in a choice of Chrome, Brushed, Brushed Brass and Matt Black so there’s a finish for both contemporary and classic kitchens. The 2.1 litre boiler that comes with it is also compact and discreet at 22 x 22 x 28cm, installed in the cupboard below the sink. It’s even easy to install thanks to its fast-fix tool-free connectors, has an intelligent self-diagnostic control on the boiler face, which includes a filter life and replacement indicator, and includes holiday and eco mode functions for best energy efficiency when not in use.


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6. It’s ultra-safe

There’s no need to worry about safety either, as the GEO Intense has a dual stage safety handle with push-down lever mechanism to activate the boiling water delivery. This gives peace of mind for everyone using the tap or being in the kitchen, as it can’t be turned on without pushing down the lever and pulling forwards. And for added peace of mind, it’s more family-friendly than traditional pressurised systems, as there’s no spitting, gushing or excessive steam, reducing the risk of scalding and you can even programme the boiler to a range of different temperatures, from 75˚C to 98˚C to suit different drinks.


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