New Year, New Kitchen

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We’re all optimistic that this year is going to be a lot better than last and with the UK currently in its third lockdown, now is the perfect time to start planning that dream kitchen. New year, new kitchen we say, so start assessing what does and doesn’t work with your current layout and think about whether you have enough storage, plenty of workspace, cabinets in your preferred style and appliances that can cope easily with all the new demands on them now that most of us are working from home; many of us home schooling children at the same time.

Professional + 90 FX

Rangemaster Professional +90 FX


We asked Daniela Condo, designer at Life Kitchens, for her predictions of the top trends coming our way this year. “The kitchen is an increasingly multifunctional space that incorporates all areas of life,” she explains. “Playing kitchen, living and dining room – and sometimes even home office at the same time – the changing social dynamics have contributed considerably to how kitchens are used and designed. As we spend more time in our homes, there is a continued and greater focus on open-plan living and embracing traditional values. The lines blur as living room-style furniture is used to create a homely feel in the kitchen, alongside bolder colour choices and textures to create a space that is both practical and unique.”


Life Kitchens

Life Kitchens,


Daniela adds that open-plan designs are set to continue in 2021 as these schemes create the perfect kitchen-living-dining hub for the household to come together. This will lead to a rise in popularity of dining tables and banquet seating while the interest in kitchen-living furniture will also gather pace. Many of us will be looking for multifunctional pieces that can blend the kitchen with the rest of the house, especially if you have that open-plan feel. Think freestanding dressers, glass-fronted cabinets and open wooden shelving rather than fixed and fitted units and embrace texture and materials with metallics, concrete and heavy wood grains taking centre stage alongside marble effects and stone finishes. Colour-wise, the trend is leaning towards heritage palettes in dark, jewel-like blues and greens as well as more muted whites, greys and earthy tones. It’s all about making your kitchen feel homely and comfortable while being ultra-practical and functional, too. We love the new Brompton Light Grey and Dust Grey kitchen from LochAnna below with its mix of modern Shaker and industrial styling in a sophisticated grey palette.


LochAnna Kitchens,


Don’t worry if you’re short on space, as there are plenty of things you can do with a compact kitchen. U and L shaped layouts are ultra-practical – just make sure you can include plenty of workspace either side of the cooker where possible. Keep the room feeling light and open with wall shelving rather than wall cabinets all the way round, and go for natural materials such as stone and timber to add character. Pale, neutral walls and floors will also inject light and allow you to go darker with your cabinetry. Floor-to-ceiling cupboards will make the most of every inch and can be used to house refrigeration and laundry appliances.

Elan Deluxe

Rangemaster Elan Deluxe 90


If you need further inspiration for layout and style, look to online platforms such as Pinterest and Houzz or ask your kitchen designer to come up with some suggestions. Tell them about your lifestyle and how you like to cook and use the kitchen as well as your preferred materials, colours and finishes for cabinets and worksurfaces. Print out images that you like the look of and create a scrapbook or mood board to show your designer, as this will help them create ideas for you. And above all, have a firm budget in mind and let them know which areas of the kitchen you would be prepared to compromise on. For instance, we would recommend spending as much as you can on good quality appliances, as they will last longer and perform significantly better as well as offering the latest technology, features and functions to suit your needs. Anything from Rangemaster is a great investment as you know you are getting quality, style, design and longevity all in one. Make a statement with one of its freestanding range cookers or go sleek and seamless with built-in.

Classic DeluxeBuilt-in


As well as cooking, dishwashing, refrigeration and laundry appliances, you also want to focus on the sink and tap, too. The wet zone of the kitchen is often an afterthought but it can be a functional and stylish space when you select the right ingredients. Rangemaster has a fantastic new collection that will leave you spoilt for choice.



Rangemaster Quadrant dual lever tap in black.


Once all the essentials are planned out, it’s time to add the flourishes such as patterned tiles or splashbacks, smoked glass cabinets, feature lighting, statement shelves, metallic accents and all the accessories that will make your kitchen really sing. Choose complementary or contrasting pendant shades over an island or breakfast bar, add colour to windows with a blind that packs a punch and display your favourite glassware or ceramics to give it that personal touch. Trend Interiors’ Shaker Bevelled Woodgrain kitchen in Indigo Blue is a winner on every level.

Trend Interiors

Trend Interiors,