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How to get the most from your Rangemaster range cooker at Christmas time

Classic Deluxe

Christmas must be the biggest event in the whole calendar for your Rangemaster range cooker. This time of year, is when the range cooker will be put through its paces and will shine like a bright star as it effortlessly takes on all of the culinary tasks. From the turkey and pigs in blankets to the Christmas pudding and mince pies a range cooker can smoothly cook everything simultaneously.

Here are some ideas and tips on how to get the most out of your cooker during the festive season.


60cm cooker

It’s all very well swooning over the large open-plan kitchens with generously sized appliances that we see online and in magazines. But in reality, many of us have the challenge of kitting out a more compact space. It may be that you have a period property with separate kitchen and dining room, a new-build with a small kitchen layout or a city centre apartment with an open kitchen-living area that needs space-saving solutions.



Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to start planning that long overdue get-together with family and friends. It may not be barbecue season every day, as we can never rely on the great British weather to supply the sunshine. But that doesn’t matter when you have a Rangemaster range cooker at your service. With so many models to choose from in a range of different styles, each design brings professional-style cooking to your kitchen and alfresco dining.


60cm Wine Cabinet

Now that summer has officially started, we can look forward to alfresco dining, barbecues on the patio and maybe even entertaining family and friends indoors too. When it comes to serving up a glass or two of wine, having a dedicated wine cabinet makes things a whole lot easier. Wine is chilled to perfection and preserved in optimum condition. So whether you and your guests are connoisseurs of a good white, red or rosé, you can rest assured it will taste sublime.


Classic Deluxe in Stone Blue

For many buyers, choosing a range cooker is not just about its features, functions and how it performs. For many people it’s all about the colour too. Some want their cooker to provide a statement appliance within the kitchen, contrasting boldly with the cabinetry, work surfaces and overall colour scheme. Others prefer a more subtle approach with a neutral tone that blends in.

Induction cooking

Falcon 900

Induction is by far the most controllable cooking surface there is. It delivers a very high heat when you need it and yet it can be gentle enough to melt chocolate directly in the pan. It heats up pans quicker than any other type of hob and the best thing is that you simply wipe it clean after cooking.

Nexus SE hob




I do love a new colour palette, so when Rangemaster announced it was introducing three new colourways to many of its range cooker models, I couldn’t wait to see what was in store. The brand-new Earth collection is inspired by the natural world and is designed to bring a feeling of the outside, in. A blurring of boundaries between inside and out if you will; and a trend that has become ever-more popular with interiors of late, as homeowners seek to give their spaces a sense of peace, tranquility and well-being.

Hints and tips on how to clean your Rangemaster

Nexus SE

Cleaning my oven is not one of my favourite jobs I have to say, however with most range cookers being the focal point of the kitchen, spending that little bit of time, properly cleaning your Rangemaster will really prove worthwhile, and completely make your kitchen sparkle. As well as being more hygienic, better for your healthy and prevent the smell of burnt and smoke of burnt on fatty food and grease.