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induction cooking

Induction is by far the most controllable cooking surface there is. It delivers a very high heat when you need it and yet it can be gentle enough to melt chocolate directly in the pan. It heats up pans quicker than any other type of hob and the best thing is that you simply wipe it clean after cooking.

Nexus SE hob


The controllability of induction cannot be beaten. It is so easy to simply turn down or turn up the heat and watch as the pan responds instantly. This means you can achieve exactly the right amount of simmer or boil depending on what you are cooking. It will deliver consistency, every single time you cook the exact same amount of heat can be achieved. Because the induction is controlled via a dial on the front of the fascia panel of the cooker it means you can swiftly turn down the heat to stop things boiling over, for example, as there are no touch controls the hob will not shut off if water is spilled onto the hob. Simply wipe up spills and carry on cooking!

I think there is still a lot of confusion around what pans to use but it could not be easier; induction hobs require pans that are completely flat on the base all the way across, including in the middle. They also need to have some ferrous content, which is finding out “does a magnet stick to the base of the pan or not”? if it does it will work on induction if not it won’t.




Most pans these days will state that they are suitable for use on induction on the packaging. The Rangemaster pans are fantastic and I have been using these since they were introduced a couple of years ago, they are great as the base is completely flat all the way across. I also like the glass lids as this means you can see what is happening in the pan at all times.

There is nothing you cannot cook on induction from stir-frying in a flat bottomed wok to making jam or caramel to slowly melting chocolate or slow cooking a casserole, induction does it all. The Nexus and Elise also have a bridged zone which means you can join two cooking together to make one large zone. These products are supplied with a griddle which means you can cook even more food in different ways. The griddle is perfect for everything from steak, to prawns, to aubergine and toasted sandwiches!




Having used induction for 14 years I would never use anything else. I have had my current Falcon Induction range cooker for 12 years and it’s still going strong and looks like new!


Falcon 900 Deluxe


A note on pans to avoid

  • Ones with an Indentation in the centre of the base of the pan
  • Pans with bumps or shapes on the base
  • Pans with more than one material visible on the base
  • Pans with rings separating different materials on the base

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