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Having a correctly set clock on your Rangemaster not only ensures your cooking is timed to perfection, but it is also integral to the functionality of certain oven features. Setting your Rangemaster clock may seem a bit complex at first, but we have broken it down into simple, manageable steps.

Why do I need to set the clock on my Rangemaster cooker?


Setting the clock on your Rangemaster cooker serves several important functions, despite it being a seemingly minor task. Here are the main reasons why setting the clock is necessary:


1. Timer function: The clock on your Rangemaster cooker often doubles as a timer. Once you set the clock to the correct time, you can use it to time your cooking and baking. This is particularly useful when you need precise cooking durations for various dishes.

2. Auto cooking features: Some Rangemaster cookers have auto cooking features that rely on the clock being set accurately. These features may include delayed start and automatic shutdown functions, allowing you to program the oven to start or stop cooking at specific times, even when you're not present in the kitchen.

3. Accurate cooking temperatures: Some modern Rangemaster cookers use the clock to ensure accurate cooking temperatures. The clock helps synchronise the oven's cooking settings, ensuring that your food is cooked properly and evenly.

4. Safety features: In certain models, the clock is integrated into the cooker's safety systems. For example, the hob burners or oven may not operate until the clock is correctly set, ensuring that the appliance is used correctly and safely.

5. Troubleshooting and diagnostics: In case of any issues or malfunctions with your Rangemaster cooker, the clock settings may play a role in diagnostics and troubleshooting. Customer support or repair technicians may inquire about the clock's settings to help identify potential problems.

6. Energy-saving functions: Some Rangemaster cookers may have energy-saving features that use the clock to optimise energy usage. For instance, they might automatically turn off certain displays or functions when not in use.



Overall, setting the clock on your Rangemaster cooker is a basic but crucial step to ensure proper functionality, precise cooking, and safety. If you're unsure about how to set the clock on your specific model, refer to the user manual or contact Rangemaster customer support for assistance.

What you’ll need 

The only things you’ll need to set the Rangemaster clock are your fingers and a little patience. However, having your user manual to hand can be useful, particularly for more detailed settings. It's also essential to know the model of your cooker, as there might be slight variations in the clock settings between different types.

Locating the clock controls

You'll typically find the clock controls in the centre of the front panel on your Rangemaster cooker. These controls may include buttons labelled with a clock, a hand, a plus (+) and a minus (-) sign.

Setting the clock

When the cooker is first connected to the mains, or if there’s been a prolonged power interruption, the clock display flashes [0.00] and [AUTO]. Don’t forget that the LCD clock display uses a 24-hour clock. 

If you need to reset the cooker, turn off the power supply and wait for a couple of minutes and start again. Once the correct time is displayed, leave the controls for a few seconds, and the time will set automatically.

Setting a two-button clock 

To set the time on a Rangemaster cooker with two buttons, turn and hold the Timer (A) dial to the Clock (C) setting and at the same time turn the Adjusting (B) dial either clockwise or counterclockwise until the desired time is displayed.

Setting a three-button clock

To set the clock on a Rangemaster cooker with three buttons, press the [+] and [-] buttons simultaneously. The point between hours and minutes will start to flash for five seconds. While the point is flashing press either the [+] or [-] button to set the correct time.


Setting a six-button clock

To set the clock on a Rangemaster cooker with six buttons, press and hold buttons A and B simultaneously (minute minder and cook time). At the same time press the [+] button or the [–] button until the correct time is showing.



How do I reset my Rangemaster clock after a power cut?

You can reset the clock by following the same steps provided in the 'Setting the clock' section above.

Why is the clock on my Rangemaster cooker not working?

If the clock isn't working, there could be a power issue. Check your cooker is connected to the power supply and the fuse hasn't tripped. If issues persist, it might be a technical fault, so consult the Rangemaster customer service team.

My Rangemaster cooker's clock keeps resetting. How can I fix it?

Persistent resetting could indicate a power supply issue. It's also possible that there's a technical fault with the cooker. If the problem continues, please contact our customer service team.

What should I do if the clock on my Rangemaster cooker displays an error message?

Check your user manual for an explanation of the error code. If you can't find a solution, please get in touch with Rangemaster customer services.

Does the clock automatically change when the time goes backwards or forwards?

No, you will need to manually adjust the time on your Rangemaster cooker when the clocks change.

Maintenance and care

To maintain your Rangemaster clock, it is good practice to regularly check the clock's time for accuracy and adjust as needed. As with all Rangemaster cooker features, clean the control panel with a soft, damp cloth, taking care not to use any harsh cleaning products that might damage the display.



Learning how to set the clock on your Rangemaster not only helps you monitor your cooking times accurately, but it also enables you to utilise automatic cooking features. 

We hope this guide has provided a clear and detailed explanation of how to set the clock on your Rangemaster. However, if you’re experiencing any difficulties, or have any questions, just get in touch with the Rangemaster customer service team.