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April 26th 2023 is Stop Food Waste Day, the largest single day of action in the fight against food waste, which has become a hot topic of conversation for lots of reasons.

When you think that a staggering third of all food produced is lost or wasted globally, it’s easy to see how it affects everything from hunger and poverty to climate change, energy, health and wellbeing and the preservation of our agriculture and oceans. Not to mention the methane emissions that food sent to landfill causes.

Stop Food Waste Day raises awareness with practical and useful ways we can all change our habits, from batch cooking and using up leftovers to shopping with a list and using apps, such as Too Good To Go.

SXS fridge freezer

Another effective way to reduce food waste is by preserving our food in the optimum refrigeration conditions, such as one of Rangemaster’s striking DXD or SXS cooling appliances.

However, before we get into what we can do to reduce food waste, let’s get into why we should.

Benefits of reducing food waste

Food waste is a major problem worldwide and has a significant impact on the environment, the economy, and global food security. There are many benefits to reducing food waste, including:

1. Saves money

Food waste costs the global economy an estimated $1 trillion each year, which includes the cost of wasted food itself, as well as the cost of the resources that were used to produce it.

By reducing food waste, we can save money and resources that can be used to address other pressing issues.

2. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Food waste is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. When food decomposes in landfills, it releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

By reducing food waste, we can help to mitigate climate change.

3. Conserves natural resources

It takes a lot of resources to produce food, including land, water, energy, and labour. When food is wasted, these resources are wasted as well. By reducing food waste, we can conserve these resources and protect the environment.

4. Helps to ensure food security

Food waste is a major obstacle to food security. When food is wasted, it means that there is less food available for people to eat.

This can lead to hunger and malnutrition, especially in developing countries. By reducing food waste, we can help to ensure that everyone has access to enough food to eat.

5. Increases your personal wellbeing 

Whilst these advantages are on a global scale, there are also a handful of everyday benefits that people can experience when they reduce food waste, such as:

  • You can feel more in control of your finances as you’re not spending money on food that won’t get eaten
  • You may experience a better relationship with your food as you’re more mindful of the food you eat and the resources that are used to product it
  • Food waste can make you feel guilty and wasteful so reducing food waste can make you feel more satisfied with your choices and impact on the environment
  • It can be healthier for you as reducing food waste makes you plan ahead and make better food choices, such as the quantity and quality of food made
  • Reducing food waste can be a challenge, but it is also a rewarding experience, giving you a sense of accomplishment, pride in your efforts and general positive impact on the community
  • All of this in turn can help reduce stress levels and improve your overall wellbeing, knowing that you’re doing your bit

How to reduce food waste

There are many things that we can do to reduce food waste. In this blog section, we will discuss some simple and effective tips that you can use to reduce the amount of food that you waste, starting with using specific appliances to preserve your food and keep it cool.

Rangemaster’s SXS fridge freezers

The SXS model is great for families as well as those who enjoy cooking and entertaining for friends at home.

The stunning black finish creates instant impact but there’s also an ivory, dark inox and stainless steel finish to choose from.

SXS fridge freezer


There’s plenty of space inside for all your fresh and frozen food as well as two independently controlled freezer sections for even greater flexibility.

There’s also the option to choose whether to use the bottom left hand compartment as a chiller or freezer depending on what you need to store at the time.

And that’s not all. A Quick Drink mode reminds you when there are any drinks placed in the freezer that need to be chilled swiftly, perfect for those hot summer months ahead, while Eco Running and Holiday functions will save energy and reduce running costs.

Rangemaster’s DXD fridge freezers

Rangemaster also has a premium DXD french-door fridge freezer, which comes in a classic ivory finish as well as black, stainless steel and dark inox.

DXD fridge freezer


It’s also got stacks of space inside and advanced cooling technology such as Even Circ and Rangefresh to keep meat, fish and dairy fresh for longer.

It also includes smart Ioniser technology to get rid of any nasty odours as well as Quick Drink, Eco Running, Super Cool, Super Freeze and Holiday modes.

Rangemaster wine cabinets

You’ll also want to keep your wine perfectly chilled too, which is where Rangemaster comes in. It has a 60cm and 30cm wine cabinet in either a black or stainless steel finish with optimum conditions for your red, white or sparkling wine.

60cm wine cabinet


The larger model has dual temperature zones, triple glazed doors, UV filtered glass to protect bottles from the sun as well as an anti-vibration system to make sure the sediment isn’t disturbed, which affects the taste. It’s big enough for 46 bottles with five glide-out wooden shelves.

Make your meals go further

To help keep your ingredients fresh, here’s our pick of the best accessories to make your meals go further.

Helen Round’s Small Linen Bowl Covers for Jars comes as a set of 10 and are perfect for covering jars, small bowls, dishes, mugs, glasses and jugs.

helen round


The covers are reusable, washable at 30˚C and are perfect for everything from jams and chutneys to leftovers and nibbles.

Made from hand printed fabric left over from larger projects, they help to reduce fabric waste too and each pack will be unique in colour and design.

For dried ingredients such as pasta, rice and pulses as well as baking flour and sugars, Garden Trading’s Audley Storage Jars come in a range of sizes and are made from glass with a bamboo lid. Perfect for easy access on open shelving, kitchen work surface or in the pantry or larder.

garden trading


If you’re heading out for lunch on the go, take the Natural Elements Eco-Friendly Cork Lunch Bag from KitchenCraft with you.

kitchen craft


It’s much more sustainable than single-use plastic sandwich bags and you can pack it with all your favourite treats, from sandwiches and fruit to salads and soup.

And finally, organise your fridge with SmartStore Compact Clear Boxes from Homebase. They are BPA-free, food approved and are perfect for salad, fruit, vegetables, dairy and more.


Other ways to reduce food waste

There are many other things that we can do to reduce food waste. Here are a few tips:

  • Plan your meals - one of the best ways to reduce food waste is to plan your meals and make sure that you only buy the food that you need.
  • Cook at home - following recipes allows you to control how much food you make and use. It also gives you the opportunity to use up leftovers.
  • Compost food scraps - this is a great way to reduce food waste and improve soil health. You can compost food scraps, garden waste, and other organic materials.
  • Donate food - if you have food that you are not going to eat, you can donate it to a food bank or soup kitchen.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, food waste is a global problem and reducing it is a win-win for everyone. Not only does it save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve natural resources and help to ensure food security, but it can also increase your own personal wellbeing.

We have spoken about the different ways to reduce food waste, including using appliances and storage to keep food and drink at the best conditions as well as meal planning, cooking at home, composting scraps and donating food.

There really is something that everyone can do to help reduce global food waste, even if it’s just one thing and every little helps. If you would like to find out more about our fridge freezers and wine cabinets, please don’t hesitate to contact us.