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We’d guess that cleaning an electric hob is not on anyone’s list of favourite kitchen jobs. The thing is though, keeping your hob clean is not only hygienic, it will also keep your appliance looking its best and working more efficiently.     

Follow our simple guide on how to clean electric ceramic, solid plate and induction hobs and, with very little effort, you can get the job done in no time at all.     


LITTLE AND OFTEN IS BESTelectric hob clean

By far, the most effective way to keep your electric stove top looking its best is to give it a quick wipe with a damp sponge or cloth after every use. Cleaning up as soon as you’ve finished cooking will mean that you don’t have to deal with dried-on stains. These regular cleanups also mean you won’t have to waste time on a longer, deeper clean later on.

However, we know that cleaning your electric hob isn’t always possible after every meal. So follow the steps below if your hob needs a bigger clean.     



Because of their smooth and shiny surface, both induction and ceramic hobs are incredibly easy to clean. It’s all too easy to scratch or scuff them though, so do take care.

Only use a cleaner recommended for electric induction and ceramic hobs. This will be completely smooth, containing nothing which could mark the hob.

Washing up liquid shouldn’t be used on the glass top as it creates a smeared, rainbow effect. Although washing up liquid won’t damage your hob, it just doesn’t look very pretty.

If you do accidentally use washing up liquid on your hob, clean it several times, ideally with a product like the two cloth system from E-Cloth, which will make it look as good as new. 

Step onehob scraper

  • With a soft cloth (preferably a microfibre one) remove any food debris, watermarks or grease from the hob surface.
  • Any hard-to-shift or baked-on food debris can be removed using a specially-designed hob scraper. Hold the scraper at an angle of 30 degrees and, with as smooth a stroke as possible, glide it over the areas of the hob with stubborn, burnt-on residue.

Step two

  • Apply a small amount of your chosen cleaner to the hob glass. Allow this to soak in, but don’t let it dry.

Step three

  • Move the hob cleaner over the hob surface with the microfibre cloth, using a circular motion.

Step four

  • Spray the electric hob glass with water to remove any remaining cleaner. Then, for a gleaming, fingerprint-free finish, buff the surface with a clean, dry microfibre cloth, such as those made by E-Cloth.

Always ensure that cleaning products are removed from the silicone seal around the edge of the hob. This will prolong the life of the seal and maintain the colour.

Now you have all have the information you need to clean your electric induction or ceramic hob. But don’t forget that the easiest way to keep it looking its best is to clean up as you go.