Healthy Eating with Rangemaster

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Now that 2022 is in full swing, many of us will be thinking about a healthier lifestyle. For some that means taking out a new gym membership while for others it’s simply a matter of cooking and eating in a healthier way. Healthy eating doesn’t need to be bland or boring. Think mouthwatering baked salmon, slow roasted tomatoes, steamed greens, poached eggs, griddled steaks and seafood, chargrilled melon and pineapple and fresh berries and fruits atop a bowl of steaming porridge. Rangemaster not only has the perfect appliances to help you cook these dishes and more. They also have a wonderful variety of recipes to inspire you with starters, mains, weekend bakes, steam cooking, vegetarian, picnic and desserts to choose from. Some of my favourites include the Steam Bao Buns and Steam Cooked Omelette, both of which can be cooked in the Nexus Steam oven’s steam cavity.

healthy porridge


Rangemaster’s Nexus Steam is a range cooker like no other. Along with oven roasting, batch baking and rapid cooking, you can also now benefit from a special steam cavity that preserves food’s vitamins, minerals, nutrients, texture and taste. The cooker comes as dual fuel and induction models to suit all culinary preferences, both of which feature this innovative injection steam cavity. It will even allow you to grill, griddle, boil and simmer plus there’s a proving drawer for dough. Steam is a really versatile way to cook. You can steam pretty much anything, from eggs and fish to meat, vegetables, even cheesecakes! What’s more, with the Nexus Steam you can precisely control the temperature so you can defrost at 40˚C, sous vide at 57˚C and steam ahead at 100˚C.



There’s also the Nexus SE, a range cooker that comes in a choice of on-trend colours in 110cm and dual fuel or energy efficient induction. For flexible cooking there’s a multifunction oven, a fan oven plus a slow cook oven so you can prepare multiple dishes at the same With the induction model there’s also a bridging zone to support a removable griddle, perfect for low or zero fat asparagus, aubergines, steaks, salmon and seafood. Use the slow cook oven for hearty and healthy stews and casseroles packed with flavour and choose the dual fuel design if you enjoy the familiarity of a gas hob for high-heat wok cooking and stir-fries.

wok vegetables

stuffed peppers

Another healthy way to cook is to grill. You can grill so many wonderfully flavoursome ingredients and dishes such as stuffed peppers, feta and pea topped toast, skinless chicken, lean turkey and pork chops, fish, tofu and even fruit. One of the latest range cookers from Rangemaster is the Longstock, which comes in two widths and dual fuel or induction. Ideal for classic or modern kitchen decors, choose from Black, Ivory, Slate or Stainless Steel and use the grill pan trivet with its two height settings for different thicknesses of food to be cooked with ease. Thanks to variable heat and smooth-gliding runners, this grill is so easy and efficient to use. If you like cooking with gas, the 90cm and 110cm cookers come with a five or six-burner hotplate with different burner sizes for your favourite pans, including a multi-ring burner for woks and high-heat dishes.

healthy esprit peas

I’m also a big fan of the Esprit. With its two large fan ovens, slow cook oven, flexible gas hob or induction zone plus glide-out grill, there is stacks of space for entertaining with ease. So whether you’re cooking up a healthy dinner for the family, a low-calorie lunch for friends or a lavish feast full of flavour for a special occasion, there’s a Rangemaster cooker to suit.