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  • Falcon S 900 Dual Fuel
  • Falcon S 900 Dual Fuel
  • Falcon Deluxe 900 Induction
  • Falcon Deluxe 1092 Dual Fuel
  • Falcon Continental 1092 Dual Fuel
  • Falcon Deluxe 1000

When you’re looking for the very best in terms of range cooker quality, build and performance, you are spoilt for choice as not only are there so many options for a Rangemaster but there are also different fuels, colours, features and functions with a Falcon range cooker too. With its heritage firmly rooted in professional catering and made in Britain, the brand is well loved by celebrity chefs, cookery schools and restaurateurs alike and offers a fantastic statement piece for home cooks looking for their next appliance upgrade.

Falcon S 900 Dual Fuel
Falcon S 900 Dual Fuel in Black


The Falcon collection comprises three models – the Continental, Deluxe and S designs – in 90cm, 100cm and 110cm sizes along with dual fuel or induction and eight colours depending on model. For statement chic there is Cherry Red, Slate and China Blue; for a monochrome flavour choose from Black, White or Stainless Steel and for something more neutral, think Cream or Fawn. With so many configurations on offer, there are 78 different cookers to pick from so there’s something for every culinary need and every kitchen style. The Continental is ideal for modern settings or open-plan kitchens with its design-led styling; the Deluxe is an all-round favourite with three sizes and both fuel options while the S model is a 90cm size that features an energy-saving panel, allowing cooks to split the single oven cavity in half for two ovens in the space of one.

Falcon Deluxe 1092 Dual Fuel
                                             Falcon Deluxe 1092 Dual Fuel in White


No matter which size, model and colour you choose, every Falcon range cooker is powerful enough to cope easily with everyday meals as well as entertaining on a larger scale. With your choice of a gas hob or energy-saving induction top, cooking is controllable at every stage. Dual fuel designs come with five professional standard gas burners with a central 5kW burner for high heat stir-fries and searing salmon and steaks. Its induction hobs are quick to heat up, incredibly energy efficient as it’s the pan that heats up rather than the hob and extremely responsive - perfect for melting chocolate with precise control using rotary knobs rather than digital displays.

Falcon Continental 1092 Dual Fuel
                                             Falcon Continental 1092 Dual Fuel in Slate


There are so many wonderful features and functions on a Falcon range cooker. Take the grill for instance, which comes with a seamless glide action that rolls out to reveal four height settings and a solid durable grill tray ideal for browning a crème brulee or grilling a late-night cheese on toast. There’s also the wonder of its multifunctional ovens, which offer defrost, fan oven, fanned grilling, fan assisted, conventional, browning and base heat, so there’s everything you could ever need for baking, browning or grilling for best results every time.

Falcon S 900 Dual Fuel
Falcon S 900 Dual Fuel in China Blue


No one would ever admit to enjoying cleaning their cooker I’m sure, that’s why Falcon’s dual fuel models come with individual pan supports and a one-piece burner that can be easily lifted off to clean underneath. The pan supports and grill trays can be popped into the dishwasher and the ovens feature catalytic liners that self-clean when temperatures of over 200˚C are reached (on all except the right-hand oven on its Deluxe 900 and 1000 models). Induction tops are also incredibly easy to clean as any cooking splashes and spills can simply be wiped away because they don’t burn onto the surface.

Falcon Deluxe 900 Induction
Falcon Deluxe 900 Induction in Black


As well as all the fantastic cooking features and functions that you get with a Falcon range cooker, I also love the choice of colours, which can be used to complement or contrast any modern or classic kitchen scheme. With a choice of eight shades in everything from chic naturals to bold pops of colour and professional-look finishes, there’s also a selection of coloured extractor hoods to match up or mix and match, too.

Falcon Deluxe 1000 Dual Fuel
                         Falcon Deluxe 1000 Dual Fuel in Cherry Red