Christmas entertaining with Rangemaster

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Now that December’s finally here, it’s time to start planning your Christmas food prep and cooking so that come the big day, it’s all as easy and as stress-free as possible. Whether you’re cooking a traditional turkey with all the trimmings, goose, beef, pork or lamb or perhaps a vegetarian or vegan favourite, Rangemaster has everything you need with appliances, recipes and finishing touches to make this Christmas a wonderfully memorable and relaxing time for all.

Lumpy gravy and soggy potatoes: The most common Christmas dinner disasters and expert advice to resolve them | Rangemaster


December is just around the corner and it won’t be long until we’re all sitting down for our Christmas dinner. But with lots of essential components, plates to juggle, timings to manage and family members to feed, sometimes things can go wrong.

How To Clean Your Electric Hob | Rangemaster

electric hob

We’d guess that cleaning an electric hob is not on anyone’s list of favourite kitchen jobs. The thing is though, keeping your hob clean is not only hygienic, it will also keep your appliance looking its best and working more efficiently.     

Follow our simple guide on how to clean electric ceramic, solid plate and induction hobs and, with very little effort, you can get the job done in no time at all.     

How to get the most from your Rangemaster range cooker at Christmas time

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Christmas must be the biggest event in the whole calendar for your Rangemaster range cooker. This time of year, is when the range cooker will be put through its paces and will shine like a bright star as it effortlessly takes on all of the culinary tasks. From the turkey and pigs in blankets to the Christmas pudding and mince pies a range cooker can smoothly cook everything simultaneously.

Here are some ideas and tips on how to get the most out of your cooker during the festive season.

Hints and tips on how to clean your Rangemaster

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Cleaning my oven is not one of my favourite jobs I have to say, however with most range cookers being the focal point of the kitchen, spending that little bit of time, properly cleaning your Rangemaster will really prove worthwhile, and completely make your kitchen sparkle. As well as being more hygienic, better for your healthy and prevent the smell of burnt and smoke of burnt on fatty food and grease.