Choosing the perfect hob

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When it comes to kitting out the kitchen with new appliances, one of the hardest working is the humble hob. If you’re not replacing or renewing a range cooker with hob top, a separate built-in hob is the perfect solution to creating a streamlined look packed with practical features. Teamed with a matching oven from the same collection, this combination is ideal for classic and contemporary kitchen schemes and can be a great space-saver, too. Rangemaster has a wide selection of hobs to choose from with gas, ceramic and induction to complement all culinary styles. To help you decide which is best for your cooking needs, we’ve got the lowdown on the pros and cons of these three main fuel types with a guide to the Rangemaster hobs to suit…



Many cooks prefer the familiarity and controllability of a gas hob comprising four or five burners with visible flames and cast iron or metal pan supports on top, which can be removed for easy cleaning. Favoured by many professional chefs, gas hobs provide instant, powerful heat perfect for speedy stir-fries and searing steak. Gas hobs are flexible with no set temperature control as well as being easy to use and compatible with any cookware. Look for extras such as automatic ignition and a flame failure safety device so that if the flame goes out due to a draft from a window or door for instance, the gas supply is automatically shut off. A four-burner model is ideal for families while five burners will suit those who love to entertain. As well as being cheaper to run than electric hobs, gas also has the advantage of cooling down quickly after use.

The disadvantages of gas hobs are that they are not suitable for homes without a gas supply and they can prove difficult to keep clean – so make sure you opt for removable pan supports and an easy-clean glass or stainless steel finish and if you do live in a rural area without gas ask about an LPG kit, which enables you to use the hob with liquid gas instead.

Rangemaster offers a stylish four and five-burner gas on glass hob with rotary controls, cast iron pan supports and an LPG kit, as well as sleek four and five-burner stainless steel designs. Rangemaster is also introducing a new collection with brass burners for a premium look. The Eclipse range features gas on glass hobs as well as matching ovens, steam oven, microwave combi, coffee machine and warming drawer to give your kitchen that designer look for less.

4 burner gas hob


5 burner gas hob


4 burner stainless steel hob5 burner stainless steel gas hob


Eclipse gas hobEclipse gas hobEclipse 5 burner gas hob



Safe, energy efficient and cost-effective, induction works by heating the pan and not the hob with a magnetic field between the induction element and the base of compatible cookware placed on top. This prevents energy wastage and keeps the hob’s surface relatively cool, which is a great benefit when you have young children running about. As well as being super energy efficient, induction is also really quick to heat up and responds instantly to changes in temperature. It’s perfect for melting chocolate as well as high heat cooking while the hob designs are ultra-stylish with wipe-clean glass surfaces, touch controls and added extras such as boost modes and child locks.

Rangemaster’s four-zone induction hob offers fast response, touch control, a hot hob indicator and child safety lock. Burners automatically stop once pans are removed, which prevents annoying burnt-on residue, so while they tend to cost a little more than gas hobs, many users prefer them. Keep in mind that you will need cast iron or steel cookware, as aluminium or copper won’t work on induction.


Induction hob



With a sleek glass finish, ceramic hobs are electric designs that work via radiant elements beneath the surface that transfer heat from under the glass. Favoured by many cooks who like the fact they are easy to clean with a flush finish on the worktop, ceramic models offer a premium look with frameless designs and minimal detail.  Ceramic works with all types of cookware while different sized zones suit small, medium and large pots and pans. Look for added benefits such as touch control, hot hob indicator, fast response and child safety lock, as found on Rangemaster’s four and five-zone ceramic hobs. Ceramic may not be as energy efficient as induction but it offers a similar look and feel and is perfect for modern and traditional kitchen styles.

4 zone ceramic5 zone ceramic