Aga Rangemaster Achieves Future Net Zero Gold Accreditation

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During 2023 AGA Rangemaster Limited continued to identify opportunities to minimise our carbon footprint across all manufacturing sites. 

To achieve this several initiatives were identified through delivering excellence meetings and working in collaboration with stakeholders from all sites we set about reviewing our processes, our reliance on fossil fuels and identifying innovative ways of saving energy and reducing our carbon footprint.

Projects included the on-going plan to replace fluorescent lighting and high intensity lighting with LED lighting. These initiatives and others will continue throughout 2024. 

For the year ended 2023 data has been externally verified and we have reduced our total Co2e to 5069.62 tonnes a decrease of 3676.38 Co2e tonnes against our benchmark emissions. This is a superb achievement and builds upon the successes of 2022 where we were awarded the bronze award.

AGA Rangemaster would like to thank all those who have participated. The challenge is to reduce our total Co2e tonnage even further during 2024 as we continue in the Race to Zero emissions.