The Benefits of Cristadur & Cristalite Sinks

The kitchen sink is one of the most utilised fixtures in the kitchen so it's important you invest in a product that is built to withstand the demands of daily life. A SCHOCK sink offers just that, manufactured from a patent formula of quartz sand and acrylic mix making these sinks highly robust, hygienic and a dream to clean.


SCHOCK is the world’s first manufacturer to advance antibacterial properties with its exclusive ProHygienic 21 non-porous finish for its CRISTADUR® and CRISTALITE® sink collections. ProHygienic 21 is a patented surface that creates a natural barrier that is hostile to bacteria, ensuring optimum hygiene and safety. ProHygienic 21 is specifically developed to handle the demands of the kitchen, making it extremely easy to clean and food safe. The ProHygienic 21 surface and its hygienic properties have been tested and certified by Germany’s LGA.

Dirt repellant

SCHOCK's fine quartz sand used to manufacture CRISTADUR® and CRISTALITE® kitchen sinks is unique to the Regen area and exclusively milled by SCHOCK - these fine, rounded particles create a uniformed structure when moulded which creates a super smooth surface designed to naturally repel dirt making the sink easier to clean and much more hygienic. 

The smoother the surface the easier dirt is repelled, which is why CRISTADUR® sinks are even more hygienic. 

impact resistant

Both CRISTADUR®  and CRISTALITE® materials are impact resistant against knocks and scratches which is thanks to the fine quartz sand used in the material mix which creates a strengthened barrier on the sinks surface. Quartz sand is the hardest element of a SCHOCK sink which means these sinks are also scratch resistant - perfect for food preparation. 

SCHOCK sinks are literally rock solid. 

stain resistant

Both CRISTADUR® and CRISTALITE® materials are non-porous which means stains from foods which sit on the surface of the sink will not pass through , and instead these can easily be cleaned away. SCHOCK sinks are also resistant to food acids so you needn't worry about food preparation on the sinks surface. 

Food Safe

Both CRISTADUR® and CRISTALITE® sinks use premium raw materials that are food safe, you can rest in the knowledge that the finished sink manufactured is safe to leave food on the surface and suitable for food preparation as any unwanted smells that could transfer from product to food will not with a SCHOCK sink.


The fine quartz sand used in SCHOCK’s granite sinks provides a strength barrier against heat which protects the sinks surface so you can rest assured that hot pots and pans won't scald your sink. 

SCHOCK sinks

SCHOCK offers two collections of kitchen sinks; CRISTADUR® and CRISTALITE®. Each collection includes a range of different designs in multiple colour finishes and sizes to choose from. 

CRISTADUR® offers a range of premium designs with stand out pieces such as SCHOCK's flagship Waterfall collection, whilst CRISTALITE® offers a range of everyday designs which are suitable for any style of kitchen available in an array of different finishes including multiple metallic options.