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To help you get started, we’ve got all the answers you need to the most common questions regarding Rangemaster appliances, from where to buy to how to register a warranty. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email us with your query on and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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What products do you recommend for cleaning your cookers?

For inside the oven cavity you must make sure that the cleaning product is safe to use on vitreous enamel. There will be a logo on the back of the bottle that looks something like this:


You must never use products that can cause the enamel to peel or tarnish handles and control knobs. Please remember to read and follow the instructions very carefully on all cleaning products. We recommend that any strong or caustic cleaner be first tested on an inconspicuous part of the cooker.

For coloured panels we do not recommend anything other than hot soapy water and a soft cloth.

We stock our own specially formulated cleaners and you can purchase these at Refer to your User Guide for more tips.


What clearances are required between a cooker top and a cooker hood?

For hoods that sit above Dual Fuel or all gas cookers the minimum clearance is approximately 650mm. This is increased to 670mm if a splashback is being fitted

For hoods that sit above all electric cookers, the hood clearance can be no less than 650mm.

The maximum height we recommend for our range hoods is 750mm, as anything above this will begin to affect the performance.

Please refer to the User and Installation Guide.

Can you explain how induction works?

The electricity supply generates a magnetic field. By placing a pan onto the induction zone you complete the circuit, the pan becomes hot and in turn heats the contents of the pan.

Induction pans need to be ferrous based; a magnet should stick to the base. Stainless steel, or cast iron is ideal. Induction cooking is 90% efficient, fast, powerful, controllable and safe. Easy to clean; the glass hob stays cool preventing spillages from burning on.  

Important information for pacemaker and implanted insulin pump users: The functions of this hob comply with the applicable European standards on electro magnetic interference. If you are fitted with a pacemaker or implanted insulin pump, you must make sure your implants are not affected by the induction hob. Please consult your doctor for medical advice. The frequency range of the induction hob is 20-60kHz.

To learn more about induction, click here to see a video

What other appliances do you make?

We are probably best known for our range cookers but we also specialise in a wide range of other kitchen appliances. We are the UK's largest manufacturer of kitchen sinks, offering cutting edge designs for every type of kitchen (visit and Most of our customers also choose one of our high performance hoods to sit above their Rangemaster cookers. We also offer a wide range of refrigeration, dishwashers, taps, and built-in ovens and hobs all designed to complement and co-ordinate with your Rangemaster appliances.

How can I find out how old my cooker is?

Call consumer services on (0800 8046261 or 0370 7895107) and have your serial number to hand (to locate your serial number, refer to 'where can I find my model or serial no?' on the FAQs above). We will log the serial number on our database and give you the build date of your cooker.

Why is steam coming out of the oven?

When cooking food with high water content (e.g. oven fries) there may be some steam visible at the rear grille, this is perfectly normal.

Take care when opening the oven door, as there may be a momentary puff of steam when the oven door is opened. Stand well back and allow any steam to disperse.

What gas connection will I need to install my cooker?

All gas appliances must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer and Gas Safe Regulations.  A copy of the User and Installation Guide can be downloaded prior to delivery of your appliance should your installer require information about the location of the gas connection point on the cooker. Alternatively, please telephone Consumer Services who can help with any information required.

I need cooking advice on my Rangemaster cooker, where can I find help?

Our Home Economist will be able to assist you with any cooking questions you have. Please email


What electrical connection do I need to install my hood?

Connect the hood to the mains through a two-pole switch with a contact gap of at least 3mm. The hood comes with a cable and it can be fitted with a standard plug plus a 3 amp fuse, or it can be hard wired on to a 3 amp spur.

What size ducting do I need to use?

When ducting to the outside, connect the hood to the chimney using either a flexible or rigid kit measuring 125mm or 150mm - this will depend on the length of ducting you require. If you require up to 1m, a flexible kit is recommended. If it is longer than 1m and up to 3m, a rigid kit is required. The ducting kit must be positioned using sufficient pipe clamps (the ducting kit is not supplied). You must also remove any activated charcoal filters as they are not required. You can purchase Ducting Kits directly from us by calling Consumer Services on 0800 8046261 or  0370 7895107.

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