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To help you get started, we’ve got all the answers you need to the most common questions regarding Rangemaster appliances, from where to buy to how to register a warranty. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email us with your query on and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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What clearance is required for a Falcon range cooker?

Assuming the cooker is going into a run of units then a gap of 1110mm is needed for the Falcon 1092 and 918mm for the Falcon 900, to allow access to remove the cooker for servicing and for the doors to open fully. If fitting the cooker near to a corner of the kitchen then a distance of 130mm is needed either side to allow the doors to open fully.

My Falcon cooker has FSD's, what does this mean?

From the beginning of January 2010 all Falcon dual fuel cookers are fitted with Flame Safety Devices (FSD's) as standard. Which means that if the flame is accidentally extinguished the FSD automatically cuts off the gas within 15 seconds.

Which cookers can be converted to LPG and back again?

All Falcon dual fuel cookers if gas is supplied to it can be converted to LPG. Please order your LPG conversion kit when ordering your range cooker. The cooker will need to be converted by a qualified Gas Safe fitter.

What are the benefits of Induction cooking?

Induction is by far the most energy-efficient cooking method available by delivering over 80% of the energy it uses to the pan, this compares to 48% with Gas. It is also extremely precise, offering even better controllability than gas with additional safety features not available in other cooking types.

Induction cooking can be used with any type of cookware from frying pans to woks. However, the Induction zones only work when used with magnetic based materials, such as iron and steel that will allow an induced current to flow within them. A simple way to find out if a pan is Induction compatible is to use the "fridge magnet test;" if a magnet will stick to the base of the pan, it will work.

Our of warranty repairs?

Please call our consumer services on 0800 804 6261 / 0370 789 5107 or email for support - we can take the details and book an engineer on their behalf.

Why is there no gas hose supplied with the cooker?

Because the height of the cooker can be adjusted and each connection is different it is difficult to give precise dimensions.

Where can the serial number be found on my Falcon range cooker?

There are two locations where a serial number can be found. On the rear of the cooker and below the oven door opening.

Cleaning advice

Detailed information on cleaning your appliance including help with removing oven furniture to assist in this respect can be found in your Falcon manual. Manuals for current models can be downloaded from the product page on this website. For older manuals please contact customer services on Tel: 0800 804 6261 / 0370 789 5107 or email

Can I buy Falcon directly?

We have a number of specialist retailers throughout the country who are all carefully selected and thoroughly trained by a member of the Falcon team or by one of our Training team.

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