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Waste Disposal Units

Rangemaster's range of waste disposers are clean, hygienic and easy to use. All units have a lifetime corrosion guarantee and contain Bio Shield, where disposers are treated with an antimicrobial agent moulded into the casing providing protection against odour causing bacterial growth. Available in four different sizes each model is easy and fast to install and can be fitted with only a standard mains connection. N.B These are not compatible with our square waste sink models.


High Efficiency Permanent Magnet Motor
A permanent magnetic (PM) motor requires less electricity than an induction motor. It also means high speed (2600 r.p.m.)and torque is attained eliminating most potential jams. Combine this with the design of the grinding chamber and faster grinding times are attained, using less electricity and water.

Lightweight Compact Design
Another feature of PM motors is that they are compact and lighter (even though more powerful) than units that use induction motors, allowing more space under the kitchen sink.

Handles all types of waste
Most food stuffs can be placed into the disposer. It can take the following and more: tea bags, small bones, fish heads, fish bones, egg shells, corn cobs, fruit pits, vegetable scraps, grapefruit halves, melon rinds and nut shells to name but a few.

Removable splash guards
Easily removable splashguard, keeps ground food inside the unit. Being removable means cleaning is easy, reducing odours.

Plumb-easy mounting system
The plumb-easy mounting system means no special tools are required, making it extremely easy to install.

High quality components
Corrosion can cause leaks and jams, all our models have stainless steel grinding chambers (turntable, swivel impellers and grind ring). For further peace of mind we offer a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

  • Thermal overload protectors, prevents overheating.
  • Anti-Jam Swivel Impellers are a standard feature.

Depending on the unit, we offer between a 2 and 4 year warranty on Rangemaster Waste Disposers.

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