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All Gas Cookers

While electric and dual-fuel ovens are among the most modern range cookers on the market taking advantage of the latest technologies; all gas range cookers provide a more traditional and high quality alternative.

Heat adjustable at the turn of a dial, our all gas cookers provide an even heat that can be directed straight onto the pans for fast and effective cooking. The evenly distributed heat ensures that the contents of your pans are cooked evenly rather than scorching those focussed around the heat.

Our collection of all gas range cookers also give owners a faster cooking time with increased efficiency. With spacious, fully programmable ovens, separate grills and burners the Rangemaster collection of all gas cookers has everything you might need in one oven.

The collection also includes a number of 90cm ovens that feature both electric and gas ovens giving owners the best of both worlds if space and fittings allow. Fully customisable, owners can choose from a number of different sizes and colours to fit in with existing colour schemes seamlessly or for an eye-catching contrast. We also provide a number of Rangemaster cookware and accessories if you’re looking to give your kitchen a full makeover, including kitchen tools and cleaning materials. 

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