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Healthy Eating

Posted by Gill Bland Monday, 9th January 2017

It's January and everyone is done with the excesses of Christmas. Happily, there seem to have been a lot less focus this year on diets and more on eating well. Here are just a couple of ways in which the Rangemaster Elan 90 gets used in our house for good-for-you and happy eating.


Cooking a Dinner Party With Less Fat

Posted by James McIntosh Monday, 17th November 2014

I'm very proud to say at the grand age of 36 I have a 32" waist.  I do believe in the concept of "you are what you eat", but rather than being fanatical about food, I simply eat a healthy balanced diet.  Well, it works for me.  That means I can splurge and save on different ingredients and have naughty days complemented with healthier days.  But, it’s not all about me, so considering a dinner party, how do we ensure less fat is on the plate?


Healthy Eating Infographic

Posted by Alexandra Dibble Wednesday, 1st October 2014

We all know that it’s important to keep fit and healthy, but we also know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy. To prevent us from being tempted with unhealthy food we’ve created an infographic that shows us how to keep healthy the simple way. Our infographic includes facts about super foods and healthy alternatives that will hopefully encourage you all to make some healthy changes to your diet. We’ve chosen facts and alternatives that are inexpensive, simple to change and most importantly – delicious. Some can be made perfectly in one of our cookers while others can be eaten on its own as a simple snack. This infographic is there to give you ideas on how to look after your body and heart and we hope that you enjoy our healthy but tasty alternatives.

Let us know in the comment section below if you’ve tried our ideas out or if you have any more yummy alternatives! 

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