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Spring Salmon Tray Bake

Posted by Gill Bland Thursday, 13th April 2017

Roast lamb is the Easter family meal of choice and it’s true, there are few things that can beat a great roast lamb dish. But with spring, perhaps even summer trying to show its face and with Easter holidays perhaps making things a bit more rushed I thought it would be nice to bring you something lighter, less time consuming and more informal. Something that you can prep in minutes, throw in the oven and then pop on the table for everyone to dig in. 


Healthy and exciting breakfast ideas using your Rangemaster

Posted by Alexandra Dibble Tuesday, 17th January 2017

Christmas has been and gone and everyone is thinking about shedding those few extra pounds that were gained over the Christmas period, but who wants to eat rabbit food for the next 3 days and then give up.  It’s important to remain positive and still enjoy your food, even when you are trying to shed those few extra pounds, one of the best ways to do this is to ensure that you are eating three healthy, exciting and different meals a day. So many people skip breakfast whether it is due to time restrictions, being disorganised or the classic excuse, “I don’t usually feel hunger in the morning”. It really important to eat a balanced breakfast to give your body energy and help start your day in a bright and positive way. Hopefully the super quick, healthy and delicious recipes that we have created here at Rangemaster, will make you excited about cooking and eating breakfast and give you lots of energy to battle through the cold winter months.


A Healthy Breakfast

Posted by Alexandra Dibble Monday, 25th January 2016

Here we are the middle of January, still being bombarded with diets, exercise DVD’s, dry January and how much carbs, sugar, fat, and caffeine we should be all be consuming! The list is endless! 

I think we all know what we should and should not be eating – it basically comes down to eating less and moving more. But this does not mean that you cannot eat some of your favourite food, just eat it less often and cook it as healthily as possible!


Healthy Eating Infographic

Posted by Alexandra Dibble Wednesday, 1st October 2014

We all know that it’s important to keep fit and healthy, but we also know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy. To prevent us from being tempted with unhealthy food we’ve created an infographic that shows us how to keep healthy the simple way. Our infographic includes facts about super foods and healthy alternatives that will hopefully encourage you all to make some healthy changes to your diet. We’ve chosen facts and alternatives that are inexpensive, simple to change and most importantly – delicious. Some can be made perfectly in one of our cookers while others can be eaten on its own as a simple snack. This infographic is there to give you ideas on how to look after your body and heart and we hope that you enjoy our healthy but tasty alternatives.

Let us know in the comment section below if you’ve tried our ideas out or if you have any more yummy alternatives! 


Healthy Cooking For The year Ahead

Posted by Hayley Gilbert Monday, 20th January 2014

I don’t know about you, but I start each New Year with a resolution to cook and eat more healthily. It’s the perfect antidote to all those mince pies and family-sized tubs of Quality Street. The key to creating a more healthy diet, and sticking to it, is to make sure you have the right tools for the job.


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