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A thriftier, healthier bank holiday pizza night

Posted by Gill Bland Monday, 19th May 2014

Bank holidays – a bonus day – a day out with the family, at the garden centre, doing DIY, perhaps even at the beach. Whatever you do with your freebie holiday, there’s a strong chance are that by Monday evening you’re collapsed in a happy heap and that pizza menu is looking mighty tempting…. 


April Rhubarb and Custard Fool

Posted by Gill Bland Tuesday, 1st April 2014

More fool, you.

No, I’m not going Shakespearean on you, I’m giving you an instruction. I’m not a huge fan of whipped cream so when I read recently that the title “fool” may come from the French verb fouler (to press) and therefore the only requirement of a fool is that it contains pureed fruit, I thought it was time to have revisit fools for April. This recipe uses greek yoghurt for creaminess and thickens it with custard powder to add a bit of sweet-shop joy to the mix. You could go light on the custard powder and sprinkle with granola for a breakfast fool, or serve with cardamom sablé soldiers for a fragrant, summery dessert.


Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Cake

Posted by Gill Bland Friday, 14th February 2014

I wanted to cook Mr Pigling-Bland a valentine’s cake. Not wanting to second guess his stomachs deepest desires, I thought I'd ask him what his favourite cake was out of all the ones I've baked. Was it the one carefully iced to look like a painting by a favourite artist, or perhaps a skilfully piped cupcake? No, it was one of the messiest most embarrassing cakes that I have ever foisted upon his colleagues. It was a leaving cake for Mr B and his colleague that looked like a child had drawn on the top of it and where I ran out of icing to do the sides properly. So, maybe it's true when they say that it's the heart behind the baking that makes it taste good.


Chocolate Popovers with Salted Caramel Sauce

Posted by Gill Bland Monday, 4th November 2013

Recently, two people have told me how they use to eat Yorkshire puddings with jam. We are so use to having our Yorkshire puddings with roast beef that this tradition seems to have got lost - or at least...


Windfall Sausage Pie

Posted by Gill Bland Monday, 7th October 2013

How brave are you with windfalls? Do you play maggot roulette and risk not cutting them up first, or do you insist on peeling and dicing them to be totally sure? I definitely fall into that latter of the two categories, which is why stewed apple is my favourite way to make use of them...


Blackcurrant and Chocolate Crumble Cake

Posted by Gill Bland Friday, 13th September 2013

Ah September - harbinger of autumn, end of long summer days and light salads, bringer of crunchy fallen leaves and comforting winter crumbles. Whilst we're not quite ready to give up our jackets and sandals for duffle coats and boots just yet, things are undeniably heading in that direction. Everyday that I wake up to sunshine feels like stolen bonus summer day....


Courgette Tart With Poppyseed Pastry

Posted by Gill Bland Monday, 5th August 2013

I have a kitchen with a Rangemaster, more bunting than is good for me, and neighbours who bring me bags of veg from their allotment. You’d be forgiven for thinking that I lived somewhere in the friendly rural idylls of our...


Fig and Almond Brioche Loaf

Posted by Gill Bland Friday, 5th July 2013

This month’s recipe is inspired by ingredients that found their way to me by two particularly nice methods. Firstly the fig filling is from the same recipe as an almond and fig cake: which are available at cheese counters in delicatessens. The recipe was sent to me by my ‘Foodie Penpal’ for the month...

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