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James McIntosh

Using Up Leftovers

Posted by James McIntosh Monday, 18th May 2015

I don't know about your fridge but mine is full of jam jars, each full with a bit of leftover dinner from one night to the next.  As I work from home they are quick to re-heat to make lunch, but a jam jar of lasagne or cottage pie is not pleasant to look at.  Personally, I’m a closet fan of the ‘fantastic plastic.  My other half is not.  My Mother-in-Law during her heyday was the undisputed German Queen of Tupperware.  As a result my other half is actually scared of the ‘fantastic plastic’; I’ve even seen goose bumps arrive at the mention of the multi-coloured leak / spill proof / non-staining and bullet proof selection of storage solutions.  That’s why we have jam jars.  Not forgetting that Tupperware itself is very hard to get in the UK since more ‘mediocre’ food storage plastic boxes arrived on the market.  After all, everyone knows that anyone who has Tupperware has been to a party!  

So what do we do with those leftovers in jars, boxes and bags in the fridge? Cottage pie - works every time. Lasagne meat filling or indeed any Bolognese, providing it does not have a cream sauce!

A few items I always keep at home to help with ‘leftovers’ include fresh herbs growing on my windowsill, dried herbs and spices, dried pasta and tomato sauce.



Chopped up roast veg (excluding potatoes) are great in a couscous dish.  Meat is great for sandwiches and leftover sauces can be poured into ice-cube trays and frozen for later.

As for food waste, I don't like it, that’s why I tolerate those jam jars (yes, my left over lasagne is never square after) but in the UK the website says we throw away 7 million tons of food and drink from our homes every year.  It’s not just the financial cost to our pockets, think about what it’s doing for the environment!

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