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Lindsey Payne

Timing is everything!

Posted by Lindsey Payne Monday, 8th August 2016

If like me you are forced into standing on a sideline each Weekend to support your childs sporting career, I may, just may have a feature that might interest you!

You see owning a Rangemaster range cooker takes the stress out of coping with the schedule of a modern family – It even cooks perfectly while you are not there!

The timer function on the main oven is a marvellous idea if you don’t want to wait around for your food to cook – this the reality for many people who choose not to use this function – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a parent shouting “come on!...we need to get dinner sorted” as soon as the post match talk, or whatever it’s called is over. Those of us in the know, safe in the knowledge our cooker is calmly sorting our dinner out linger, chat even dare to partake of a lunchtime drink on the way home – bliss!

In my household I have decided to let the oven take the stress out of Sundays, and every other day for that matter. All I do is pop whatever I want to eat be it a roast chicken – my default standby or even a one pot casserole potato’s and all into your oven and at the touch of a few buttons I can come back to dinner ready to serve. Any parent knows when a child is hungry they are in no mood to wait, somehow running around in a field for 90 minutes heightens the urgency to crisis level! – and a watched pot never boils as they say.

As my son is always telling me,  in sport timing is everything – I couldn’t agree more, it’s just a pity Rangemaster can’t come up with a shortcut to help with school homework dramas and muddy football kits.

Chicken Pots

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