The Rapid Response Function In Your Rangemaster
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Alexandra Dibble

The Rapid Response Function In Your Rangemaster

Posted by Alexandra Dibble Monday, 19th October 2015


This function does exactly what you would expect it to – it heats the oven up quickly!


Rapid Response




It is really useful for one of those 'oh blow it, I forgot to turn the oven on' moments that we all have! Rapid Response heats the oven up faster than normal with the extra heat from the element in the top of the oven. All you need to do is select Rapid Response - R - on the multi-function control knob and then the temperature you need; the oven will then heat to your chosen temperature faster than normal.  The light on the fascia by the R symbol will come on and will go off when the temperature you have selected is reached.  The fan function then takes over.


Rangemaster fan ovens do heat up quickly making a pre-heat not always necessary but there are some things that really benefit from a fully pre-heated oven – roasting meat and poultry for one.  Meat needs to be sealed in a hot oven to retain those wonderful juices, so start if off at a high temperature and then reduce the heat for the remainder of the cooking time.  It also helps to have the meat or poultry at room temperature before cooking.


Rapid Response Logo


Bread also prefers a hot oven as does puff pastry but most other things you can almost turn the fan oven on at the same time you put the food in to cook.  Cooking using the conventional function (top and base heat) does need to be fully pre-heated before cooking commences.


If you are using the Rapid Response function and start cooking before the light goes out, showing that it is fully pre-heated, just remember that there is the element heating at the top and place your food on the centre shelf or below.


So, now if you are late home, no need to worry, the oven will heat up really fast to cook your meals.


Don’t forget, you can also start and stop your oven automatically, so a meal can be cooking while you are out. You can also time your oven to come on so that it is pre-heated, ready to start cooking, just reset the oven to manual.  Please read your User Guide for more information on cooking using the timer.


Pork Rapid Response Functio

Until next time - Happy Cooking!

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