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Alexandra Dibble

The Fan Assisted Function in your Multifunction Oven

Posted by Alexandra Dibble Tuesday, 30th June 2015

This is another in the series of blogs on each of the oven functions you will find on Rangemaster ovens.  I hope you have found each of them useful. Don’t forget, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Not all oven manufacturers use the same terminology for each of the oven functions so it is important to know what is happening in your oven when using them.


The fan assisted function in your multifunction oven operates using the fan without the fan element; the element in the roof of the oven and another below the floor of the oven produce the heat to cook your food.

The fan assisted function is very good for roasting, the exposed element at the top of the oven will quickly seal your roasts ensuring succulent meat and poultry.  Once the meat has browned and sealed, reduce the heat to your normal roasting temperature. Don’t forget you can use your Handyrack; let the roast come to you when you open the oven door!



You may also find that you can roast at a lower temperature using this function, possibly resulting in a reduction in the amount of moisture lost from the meat. 

Fan assisted cooking mode produces a zoned oven, with the hottest area towards the top. This allows you to cook different dishes at the same time, utilising the cooler lower half of the oven.  Your rhubarb crumble or apple pie will cook lower down the oven, at the same time as a roast will cook nearer the top once you are at normal roasting temperature.  Keep an eye on what is being cooked lower down the oven until you are familiar with this function.

When your roast is out of the oven, resting and keeping warm, covered near the cooker, increase the temperature for your roasted vegetables and Yorkshire puddings.

This function is particularly good for dishes requiring a gratin finish such as pasta bakes and lasagne.

As with all functions in your multifunction oven, remember that you can change from one to another during cooking should you wish.  You may find that the fan assisted function is cooking something quicker than you would like, if so, just swap to fan function.  If you feel the food needs to be crisper and browner at the end of cooking then switch back to fan assisted.  The only thing you need to remember is where the food is positioned; dishes very close to the element at the top of the oven will cook and brown when the element is on, much faster than when fanned cooking alone is used.

There is no need to feel daunted about using unfamiliar functions in your oven as it is easy to experiment. Remember to read the User Guide that accompanies your cooker, there is a brief explanation of each function in there and you can always access user guides, on-line via our website, just click here. 



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