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Alexandra Dibble

Pyrolytic Oven Cleaning

Posted by Alexandra Dibble Monday, 16th March 2015

As the Home Economist here at Rangemaster the most frequently asked question, by consumers, is “how do I clean my oven?”

Cleaning the oven or ovens usually instils dread in us!  No-one likes to do it but isn’t it lovely when the ovens are clean!  I have heard of some Rangemaster consumers keeping one oven for roasting etc. and the other for baking, which in theory means you only have one oven to clean as roasting is usually the cause for most oven soiling.  This seems like a good idea. Please let me know if you do this and how it works for you.

There is a Rangemaster with a function that takes away all the worry and mess of oven cleaning and it also means you do not have to use chemical oven cleaners, no need to protect the kitchen floor from the oven cleaner that inevitably leaks out of the oven! The Rangemaster Professional+FXP has a Pyrolytic cleaning function.  This is a self-cleaning function that uses heat to carbonise or break down the fat and grease deposited during normal cooking, into a fine ash.  During this self-cleaning function, the door locks and the oven heats up to 450°C.  When the oven is cold all you need to do is wipe the oven out with a damp cloth. The immense heat generated to perform this oven cleaning magic, will discolour the shelves and shelf supports so they need to be removed and cleaned elsewhere, before the self-cleaning cleaning commences.

The self-cleaning function can be used over a 2, 4 or 6 hour period depending upon how dirty the oven is.  So, for a really dirty oven, the 4 hour programme would be needed.  Depending upon your oven use, the 2 hour programme could be used on a more regular basis to keep the oven looking pristine.

But what about cleaning those shelves and shelf supports?  If you have room, put them in the dishwasher, this loosens a lot of the grime making it a simple job with a brush or scourer to finish off. There are some good oven cleaners available to buy; Rangemaster has one, which will clean the metal work from the oven.  Be sure to follow all the directions very carefully as these powerful cleaners can cause damage if they come into contact with the wrong surfaces like the fascia, the door seal or elements.

Pyrolytic oven cleaning means that the job we all hate can made so much easier.

Remember, even with a self-cleaning oven it is always best to wipe up any spills as soon as possible.

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