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Alexandra Dibble

My favourite Rangemaster function

Posted by Alexandra Dibble Thursday, 2nd June 2016

I have been asked to pick my favourite function on a Rangemaster but I can’t choose just one function, so I am going for the multifunction oven and all of the functions therein!


To explain why, I think it will be easier for me to describe cooking something in the multifunction oven which will use 3 of its functions.  An all-time favourite – a quiche or a savoury tart, is a good example.


Firstly, we need shortcrust pastry, I am a fan of ready-made, it is so easy and very much better than it used to be, and lower fat versions are available too. But, if you are planning on making your own pastry use some butter in it as it really adds to the flavour.  I am contemplating making pastry using coconut oil, a solid white fat, but of course it has a strong coconut flavour and is best used for sweet things like coconut tarts. When I have experimented I will let you know.  You can read up the health benefits of coconut oil on the internet.


Back to our quiche or tart.  There are a lot of those lovely ceramic, scalloped edged dishes around (several in my cupboard!) that you can use for quiche and sweet tarts; but, there is no doubt that pastry cooks better on the base in a metal tin as the heat can penetrate the base so much faster (no soggy bottoms).  Use a non-stick tin with a push up base and you can easily transfer the finished item to a serving plate. If you want to use a ceramic or Pyrex dish then put it onto a hot baking tray when cooking, this will give the pastry base a good start.


If you have time, allow the pastry to rest after you have lined the tin or dish, covered, in the fridge for 30 minutes before cooking.  This helps prevent the pastry from shrinking during cooking.  Have you ever tried trimming the pastry when it is cooked?  It is easier than you think, just cook the pastry without cutting away the excess raw pastry and then cut it off with a sharp knife when cooked.


Now it is time to cook.  Line the pastry with a circle of baking parchment and pour in baking beans if you have them, flour or rice will work too, and this weight will stop the pastry rising during blind baking and leave room for the filling.  Use the fan function on the multifunction oven at 180°C but put the shelf at the lowest level, this way the base heat function can be used towards the end of the cooking time and you won’t need to move the shelf and pastry.  Put another shelf towards the top of the oven. Cook the pastry case for 15-20 minutes on the lowest shelf and then remove the paper and baking beans, return to the oven, lower the temperature to 140°C and cook for a further 5-10 minutes to dry the pastry out. If at the end of this time the base still looks a little under cooked, change the function to the base heat and increase the temperature to 180°C.  Keep a close eye onthe pastry until the base is cooked.  Remove from the oven while you prepare the filling.


Now you have your cooked pastry case you could use your favourite quiche filling to fill it, but how about trying a recipe from the Rangemaster website?  There is a really nice salmon tart recipe there that you can try.


Now what if the top of the tart is not as brown as you would like at the end of cooking on the fan function?  Simple!  If you have cooked the tart on the shelf in the top half of the oven you can switch to the browning function, once again keep an eye on it as the oven is already hot, until you are happy with the level of browning.


So, I hope you can see why I picked the multi-function oven as my favourite Rangemaster function even though we only used 3 of the possible 7 functions cooking the salmon tart, making sure the base of the pastry was cooked and the top golden.  Think what you could cook with the other functions………..?



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