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My Favourite Feature

Posted by Guest Blogger Friday, 5th June 2015


I was asked the million dollar question the other week; of all the many features on Rangemaster cookers, which is my favourite? I don't mind telling you, I have spent a few sleepless nights pondering the question, but now here it is...

The Handyrack

This is by no means the new kid on the block in terms of technology but it's the one specialist feature that reminds me of home and of watching my own Mother using this feature to help roast meat for our family Sunday lunch - my Mothers Sunday ritual always centred around careful attention to whatever was in the oven - and more often than not it was an amazing roast chicken.

Just opening the left hand oven door on a Rangemaster cooker brings my long departed mother back to my side, I can almost hear the sizzle and smell the indescribable aroma as the chuck got close to the table.

To this day my last meal on Earth would have to be a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings and with the wish she could enjoy this feature once more. I leave you with a few top tips on using the Handyrack. Enjoy!

Top Tips

  • Always use the Handyrack when roasting joints of meat, it makes life much easier.
  • Baste meat regularly during cooking to ensure a succulent result.

  • The Handyrack has two height settings should you need them.

  • Remember the Handyrack is removable should you need more space in the oven.

  • The roasting tin is tough and durable and is coated in the same enamel as your oven!


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