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Hayley Gilbert


Posted by Hayley Gilbert Tuesday, 23rd January 2018

Daniele Brutto, co-founder of bespoke kitchen designers Hub Kitchens (, reveals which trends lie in store for 2018…

What are your kitchen trend predictions for 2018 and what new products can we expect to see?

Porcelain is going to take off in a big way. The design possibilities are huge and now all the big producers are launching new colours and finishes to really make the market sit up and see what is possible. Porcelain worktops are transitioning from mimicking and traditional popular natural materials such as Carrara Marble and exciting new finishes like Ceralsio’s Ocean Stone and Rio Marron both look like exotic natural stones and are growing in popularity.

Fenix will also be important in 2018. Available in super matt finishes and bold colours, Fenix is easy to maintain and versatile in its use. Clients like being able to match worktop and door material and this can be done by using Fenix. It can also be combined with strong veneers to make a particular area pop as well as creating a zoning effect. 

2 Hub Kitchens Ceralsios

 3 Hub Kitchens Fenix

How will shapes and textures be incorporated into kitchen design?

Texture will keep growing in importance and I think timber veneers applied on kitchen doors in geometric shapes will hit the market in a big way. Dark veneers are super-popular at the moment so it’s finding what can take this to the next level. Applying veneers at angles and mimicking the geometric wallpapering patterns we see is an interesting way to use popular veneers in a more striking way.


4 Hub Kitchens

What materials and colours will be used in 2018?

Metalised lacquer will evolve over the coming year. The metal look will become bolder than it currently is and as people become more accustomed to it, they will feel happier using it more than just for dressing a kitchen. These rich colours will get darker and more pronounced, giving that luxurious look. Combining them with other softer materials for the rest of the kitchen then becomes more important as we chase a more homely look with lots of soft furnishings mixed with hard materials.


5 Hub Kitchens



How is the trend for industrial design influencing European kitchen design?

European kitchen design is becoming more edgy and less modernistic, with the use of textured materials, an innovative use of metals and glass and the development of veneering processes, leading to less stark and more eclectic designs.


6 Hub Kitchens

What design factors will be key in 2018?

Consumers are looking for versatile products and finishes that have multiple uses and kitchens that can provide a solution to a multitude of wants and needs. A kitchen now needs to be able to cater for everyone and look amazing at the same time while using materials that are hardwearing and fit for purpose, igniting real interest and emotion.


7 Hub Kitchens

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