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Emma Line

It's Curry Week!!

Posted by Emma Line Monday, 19th October 2015

This week marks National Curry Week and here at Rangemaster we can’t contain our excitement. Seven days to enjoy a vast array of different curries varying in flavour, spice and sauce! Not only are they delicious they are easy to prep and cook on your Rangemaster range cooker too, utilising the various specialist features that make a Rangemaster so special.

Therefore, to celebrate National Curry Week, we wanted to share with you as a Marketing Department our favourite curry recipes and any tips we have to make the dish that extra bit tasty... as when it comes to curry everyone has a different favourite!  

Chicken Balti

 Curry Blog Balti

Recipe: Jamie Oliver 

Marketing Manager David, has chosen the classic Chicken Balti as his favourite curry. This curry is named after the steel or iron pot in which it is cooked. The origins of the word can be traced to the area of Baltistan, in Northern Pakistan, where a cast iron wok, similar to the Chinese wok, is used for cooking.  This particular recipe is fragrant and full of flavour from the variety of herbs and spices incorporated within the sauce. This curry would be perfect for cooking on a dual fuel hob such as the Classic Deluxe 110 Dual Fuel by utilising the multi-ring burner which can accommodate a specially designed wok cradle allowing the wok to sit safely without the need of having to hold onto the wok.  

David’s top tip!!

Onions: Fry onions slowly and ensure they are cooked but not burnt, as this will affect the taste. Adding a small amount of salt when frying the onion can help prevent burning.

Spinach, Tomato, Prawn and Salmon Curry

 Curry Blog Seafood

Recipe: Delicious Magazine

For an alternative to meat, Lucy our Online Marketing Assistant has chosen this tasty seafood inspired curry recipe which is perfect for a healthier option. This curry is also perfect for a mid-week meal by making a batch of the sauce and freezing it in individual containers. Then simply defrost when required and add in the remaining ingredients. Utilising the induction hob on the Elise would also ensure this fresh tasting recipe is cooked to perfection in no time.

Lucy’s Top tip!!

Thickener: To get a rich finish to your curry and to thicken the sauce quickly, natural ingredients like tomato puree, coconut milk and yoghurt work perfectly – you can even add a mashed potato!


Slow cooked Lamb Rogan Josh

 Curry Blog Rogan Josh

Recipe: Waitrose 

When I visit a curry house I automatically choose a Rogan Josh as it is a rich, hearty and flavoursome dish characterised by tomato and spices. This dish originates from the Kashmir region of India and remains a popular choice amongst curry lovers. This particular curry is perfect for slow cooking allowing all of the spices to infuse and develop fully. A perfect recipe for the Rangemaster Excel and its thermostatically-controlled slow cook oven. 

Emma’s top tip!

Spices: Try to avoid using spices that have been stored away for a long time. For best taste results, grind the spices yourself from the whole seed. Don’t forget to fry your spices first with your onion and garlic mix to ensure the flavours are released.

Naan bread

 Curry Blog Naan

Recipe: BBC Good Food

No curry is complete without a naan bread to accompany the dish and then soak up any leftover sauce says Gemma our Senior Graphic Designer. The word Naan, means bread in its original Persian, is a flatbread native to west, central and southern Asia however it also utilises yeast to allow the bread to raise slightly. This easy naan bread recipe is a healthier alternative to a shop bought one and allows you to experiment with your favourite ingredients or toppings. Once you have made your bread mixture the Nexus 110’s bread proving drawer – a unique feature for the range cooker market will ensure your bread is proved to perfection. This drawer enables a controlled, warm environment, operated by a simple on / off switch, and has slots in the base that allows warm air to flow in and prove the dough.

Potato and Pea Samosas

 Curry Blog Samosa

Recipe: BBC Good Food 

Finally, if you are hosting a dinner party or quite simply fancy a starter prior to your curry. Why not try these potato and pea samosa accompanied with a chutney or mint sauce. These triangle filled delights are distinct in shape and are typically filled with potatoes, onions, peas and spices however there are meat alternatives available too.  Once prepared and ready for cooking the base heat function within the main multifunction oven of the Professional Deluxe will ensure the samosa’s really crisp up and you are guaranteed no soggy bottoms!


Have you got a favourite recipe or any hints and tips on how to make the perfect recipe? If so, comment below as we would love to hear them! Finally, I hope you have a tasty week full of tantalising curries!

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