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Gill Bland

Tips on How to Reduce Food Waste

Posted by Gill Bland Wednesday, 6th May 2015

Not wasting food is a good thing to do in its own right, but with the knowledge that many don’t even have the luxury of being able to waste food, it’s even more important to be careful about the way in which we make use of everything. From 27th April - 1st May the “Live Below the Line” campaign challenged people to eat on £1 a day for a week. Michelle at Utterly Scrummy Food For Families has done two weeks of the challenge - once as a family and once on her own. She’s been blogging about her experience and it makes for sobering reading.

With this in mind, instead of bringing you a new recipe which might need a trip to the supermarket I thought I’d give you some tips on ways to reduce food waste. My wisdom can basically be divided into two categories: freezing things and interesting recipes.

1. Freezing things

  • Eggs - if you’re freezing the whole egg just whisk up a little and freeze individually in ice cube trays then transfer into a bag. This is also particularly good for egg whites left over from cake recipes. Defrost overnight in the fridge.
  • Hard cheese - grated or as a block. Leave to thaw out of the fridge. If you’re worried about grated cheese clumping then you can toss it in a bit of cornflour.
  • Milk - buy large cartons, then split into smaller bottles and freeze.
  • Bread - if stale, blitz and freeze as breadcrumbs. If fresh, slice, freeze and take out a slices as you need them.
  • Pesto sauce - fed up of the fur on the top? Use the ice cube tray again and freeze into blocks.
  • Bananas - slice into pennies and freeze in a bag. You can make one-ingredient ice-cream out of them! You can add caramel sauce, cocoa, chocolate chips, coconut and much more to make it even better.
  • Buttercream icing - one of my favourites because of the amount of baking I do. Make a double batch and put half in a tub. When you want it leave it out to soften and then whip it back up until fluffy. No horrible icing clouds!
  • Yoghurt - freeze in lolly moulds for another alternative to ice-cream.
  • Wine - if you’ve got some left over you can freeze it (ice cube tray again) and add to sauces




2. Interesting recipes

  • If you’ve got a bit of cream cheese left over, heat it and loosen it with milk to make a pasta sauce. Throw in some ham / bacon and whatever veg is kicking around and you’ve got dinner.
  • The end of a pot of crème fraiche / soured cream mixed with a little pesto makes a nice change from mayo in sandwiches.
  • Wraps - most things can be shoved in a wrap to make a good lunch. For example, veggies that were on their way out can be roasted and put in with some pesto / mayo / cheese. You can make your own wraps using just flour, water and oil.
  • Banana skin cake. Yes, you read that right (see picture above).
  • Gluten free lemon drizzle cake using mashed potato.
  • Chocolate, banana and walnut muffins (courtesy of Simply Krati’s blog). Great for overripe bananas.
  • Cook with lettuce - the tight ones like little gem or hearts of romaine. Griddle with a little oil then drizzle with honey and toasted walnuts. Alternatively you can use it in a stirfry.
  • You can find more great ideas at the No Waste Food Challenge at Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary


See more from Gill at and follow her on twitter @gillbla

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