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Alexandra Dibble

How To Make The Most Of Your Oven Size

Posted by Alexandra Dibble Thursday, 21st April 2016

How To Make The Most Of Your Oven Size


No matter what you are cooking, how big or small your oven is, with some straight forward planning you can enjoy a stress free time in the kitchen; cooking lots of different things to serve at the same time should be easy and can be.


Well, you can’t say we don’t give you a choice of oven sizes with Rangemaster cookers.   From the Professional + FX offering a massive 114 litres of space in full width mode, to our fan oven sizes of 73, 82 and 67 litres, not forgetting gas, those ovens have 61 litres plus, conventional ovens at 80 litres.  These ovens are available in 60, 90, 100, 110cm width Rangemaster cookers.  Spoilt for choice! 




What can we do with all this oven space?  Firstly, remember when using a fan oven you must not obstruct the air flow from the fan which would produce uneven cooking results, so bear in mind the size of tray or dish you are using. Use something that does not fit the oven exactly, leaving the all-important space to the sides, front and rear of the oven cavity.


Conventional ovens are not affected by the size of the tray you are using as long as it can fit in the oven but remember that the top of the oven is hotter so the food may need to be moved around during cooking.  Remember, if you are cooking in the multifunction oven to bear in mind the size of the cooking receptacle in case you change to fan cooking at some point.  When cooking in a gas oven, remember to keep your trays and dishes to the front of the oven so that the food is not cooking directly above the burner.


Depending upon what you are cooking you there is no reason why you cannot use all of the shelf positions available to you in the fan oven. (You can purchase extra shelves from us, for your ovens).  When cooking with the conventional function or in a gas oven it is best to cook on 2 levels at one time as the heat is greater at the top than the base.  This is really good for roasting; potatoes or other roasted vegetables can cook on the shelf above the roast.  While the roast is resting before carving, your crumble or pie for dessert can go in.  Reduce the oven heat when the vegetables are taken out, to allow the pudding to cook.


When you are preparing a meal for the family or friends and cooking lots of different things, this is where having 2 ovens really helps and not necessarily the 2 large ovens as on the 110cm models; there is plenty of capacity  in the tall ovens on the 90 and 100cm Rangemaster range cookers and both ovens on 60cm models.  Just think about what you are cooking, the oven temperature you require and the order it needs to be cooked in.  Also important is to think about what are you cooking in; something deep will need that headroom, just plan ahead and the job will be so much easier and enjoyable.  Why not get all the trays and dishes you plan to cook in and see how they best fit into the ovens while they are cold, it only takes a moment? 




Once you have decided on what the food is going to cook in, this is the time to put the shelves where you need them while the oven is cold, – so much easier.  There is nothing more annoying than to go to the pre heated oven and realise that there isn’t enough room for your cake, you then have to put the cake down, move the shelves and then put the cake in!  If this does happen, don’t worry, the oven won’t lose too much heat as Rangemaster fan ovens recover their heat very quickly, your cake will be fine.  In fact, all the ovens are well insulated to retain heat for situations like this.


Don’t forget to warm the plates and serving dishes.  If you have a grill cavity above the oven this is a good place to put them using that free residual heat! Otherwise, pop them into a cool oven when you have space.


Another tip, if you are cooking individual Yorkshire puddings; cook them earlier in the day until they are crisp and brown and then reheat them just before serving, this takes a lot of pressure off you at the end of cooking and prior to serving and no-one will notice the difference!


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