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Hayley Gilbert

How To Keep Cool This Summer

Posted by Hayley Gilbert Monday, 6th July 2015

This month the school summer holidays begin and as our thoughts turn to beaches, ice-creams and picnics in the garden, it’s important to be prepared and know how to cope in extremely hot weather, especially if you have young children or older relatives to think about. The NHS has the following advice:

• Shut windows and pull down the shades when it’s hotter outside. Open them for ventilation when it’s cooler. 

• Stay out of the sun and don’t go out between 11am and 3pm (the hottest part of the day) if you’re vulnerable to the effects of heat. 

• Keep rooms cool by using shutters or reflective material outside the windows. If this isn’t possible, use light coloured curtains and keep them closed. Metallic blinds and dark curtains will make the room hotter. 

• Have cool baths or showers and splash yourself with cool water. 

• Drink cold drinks regularly, such as water and fruit juice. Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol.

• Plan ahead to make sure you have enough supplies, such as food, water and any medications you need.

• Wear loose, cool clothing, and a hat if you go outside.


1 Adam Gibbard Visit Cornw
(Adam Gibbard/Visit Cornwall)


If you’re going on a long journey, freeze some plastic bottles of water – they will thaw gradually as you go and you can also use them to keep a picnic cool. A wrung-out facecloth wrapped in cling film and kept in the freezer is an instant cool-down for kids and when it comes to summer treats, try freezing a banana dipped in chocolate. You can also use surplus summer vegetables to make gazpacho – freeze it in cubes and store in freezer bags.


For all your freezing needs, I’d recommend the new DxD or SxS fridge freezers from Rangemaster – perfect for keeping cool this summer.


The DxD is a French-door design with an A+ energy efficiency rating and a range of features and functions to make life simpler while preserving food for longer. In a choice of three colours, black, cream or stainless steel, it has a mirror finish dispenser with digital temperature controls for the fridge and freezer, ice control, lock and holiday modes as well as advanced sensors that automatically adjust the internal temperature. There’s so much room for fresh and frozen food with a combined capacity of 522 litres, which makes it ideal for families. I love the water dispenser, a must for the summer holidays, as well as the freezer drawers and deep door shelves. Practical as well as stylish.


2 Dxd Roomset2

3 Dxd Drawer3

The new SxS is an American-style side-by-side model in black, stainless steel or cream. Also A+ rated for energy efficiency, which keeps running costs low, it offers 10% more usable space than the previous SxS design with a combined capacity of 550 litres. There are two crisper drawers in the fridge, one with humidity control to keep meat, fish and dairy fresh for longer, deep drawer shelves and an ice and filtered water dispenser for instant cold drinks. Added benefits include digital temperature controls with quick cool and quick freeze functions as well as a lock and holiday mode, LED lighting and door alarm.


4 Sxs Roomset2

5 Sxs Dispenser3


Have a wonderful summer, whatever your plans – whether home or away. Here’s to lazy days and balmy evenings. I can’t wait!

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