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Alexandra Dibble

Hints and tips on using your Rangemaster griddle

Posted by Alexandra Dibble Thursday, 21st August 2014

Lying in bed on a sunny Sunday morning, one of those relaxed days when we had no plans, I thought, how about a cooked breakfast?  Sausages, bacon, tomatoes all cooked on the griddle, eggs too, cooked in those ‘chefy’ metal rings. The oven on to warm the plates and keep everything hot while the eggs are cooking. I wonder if we have any hash browns in the freezer? 

John laying the table and making some lovely espresso coffee and watching the toast under the grill, we could even eat outside and plough our way through the Sunday papers in the sunshine.

What a shame we didn’t buy everything we needed for this feast yesterday when we were shopping! Cereal or toast or a visit to the supermarket again!

But of course the griddle on your Rangemaster is useful for far more things than cooking breakfast.

What about blueberry pancakes for breakfast with maple syrup?

Chicken kebabs, Tandoori chicken or salmon steaks for dinner?


Fresh pineapple slices, sprinkled with icing sugar and sizzled on the griddle with some butter make a wonderful quick dessert with some ice-cream.

When you read your Rangemaster User Guide on how best to use the griddle, you will see that it is important that the griddle is placed on to the correct burners, front to back on the gas hob.  The non-stick coating works really well during cooking and cleaning but you need to look after it.  Make sure you only pre-heat the griddle for 5 minutes and don’t scratch it using metal tools, not that you need them as nothing sticks!

So the next Sunday, or Saturday, plan ahead, (unlike me) and cook yourself a lovely breakfast on your Rangemaster griddle.  Think of those sausages with nice brown stripes on them from the ridged part of the griddle and crispy bacon. 

But then there are always Fajitas and Quesadillas to cook on your griddle another day……..!


Griddle Prawns


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