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Alexandra Dibble

Fanned Grilling in your Multifunction Oven

Posted by Alexandra Dibble Tuesday, 26th May 2015

This is another in the series of blogs on each of the oven functions you will find on Rangemaster ovens.  I hope you find each of them useful, don’t forget, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

A great way to grill fish, chicken, chops or sausages is to use the fanned grilling function in the multifunction oven.  This grilling is done with the oven door closed.  The oven needs to be pre-heated on the fanned grilling function - look for this symbol on the oven fascia:


Before you start to cook, have the food you are to grill on a trivet or a grid over a roasting tin ready to place in the oven when it is hot.  It is best to use a roasting tin that is smaller than a conventional grill pan, as this allows greater air circulation during cooking.  When cooking more fatty items, it is always good to cook them on a trivet so that the fat can drip away from the food.

Now, the tendency is to put the food as near as possible to the grill element as you would do if you were making toast under a traditional grill without a fan – but not when you are grilling in the oven with the fan!  Place the grill tray a little above centre of the oven, this way the fan can distribute the heated air over and under the food you are grilling.  If you have not used this function before, it may take a little time to get used to which level or temperature is best for what you are grilling, but it is very easy to adjust the temperature or the cooking level up or down if the food is cooking too quickly or slowly.

This method of grilling is particularly suited to whole fish or pieces of fish whose appearance could be spoilt by turning during cooking; the hot air can circulate all around the food as it sits on the trivet, there is no need to turn it, no risk of breaking the fish or it’s skin, so it will look really appealing when you serve it.



Always be careful to use a tray that will catch all of the juices and fat that may come out of the food during grilling, this is important when cooking things like chops or sausages.  The grill tray needs to be deep enough so that nothing overflows into the oven during cooking or spills out when you remove the tray after cooking.  We all know that grilling food is the healthy option, providing you do not use any extra fat during cooking!  But also, think about the safety aspects of being able to grill in the oven with the door closed, especially if there are small children in your household.



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