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Hayley Gilbert

Energy Efficiency in the Kitchen

Posted by Hayley Gilbert Monday, 11th May 2015

Conserving energy around the home is not only going to help the environment but it’s also going to save money by cutting down on electricity bills too. We all know about turning lights off when you leave the room and trying not to charge the mobile overnight but when it comes to the kitchen, there are so many ways to save.

Love Energy Savings ( has these top tips for saving dough in your kitchen:

Insulation: Kitchen appliances produce heat so a great energy saving tip is to invest in insulation so that none of it is wasted. Cavity wall insulation could save up to £100 per year on heating expenses, depending on the size of your home. Likewise, investing in double-glazing will aid the retention of heat.

Replace inefficient lightbulbs: It’s important to be able to see what you’re cooking and eating so swap old bulbs for energy-saving equivalents and you could cut lighting costs by £3 per light.

Fix leaking taps: A dripping hot water tap can waste a staggering 5,500 litres of water per year. If you have an electric boiler, this could mean £45 of your cash is literally being washed down the drain.

Invest in Smart Home Tech: Thanks to the Internet and Smart Phones, there are now plenty of nifty apps that can help you monitor your home’s energy use, even allowing you to turn gadgets and appliances on and off when you are out and about.

Turn it off: Most kitchen appliances can be turned off at the plug without too much difficulty. A typical household could save up to £30 a year by just turning the oven off at the wall every night.

Another key consideration is to choose energy-efficient appliances. Most white goods are rated from A to G, with A being the most energy efficient. Since July 2012, all new fridges, freezers and fridge-freezers must have a minimum rating of A+. This is great news when you think that your refrigeration is switched on 24/7 and can use as much as 20% of the electricity in the home.

All Rangemaster appliances are highly efficient, so you know you’re in good hands. If you’re looking for a classic double oven with the added benefit of an energy efficient induction hob, check out the Classic 100 Induction range cooker, which is A/A rated. Induction cooking is so efficient, as it’s the pan that heats up and not the hob so it’s ideal for families with young children. As well as being super-safe, it’s also easy to clean. The Classic 100 is available in white, racing green, cranberry, gloss black, cream or regal blue and also comes as a dual fuel option if you prefer cooking with a gas hob.

1 Classic 100 Induction BL

I’d also recommend Rangemaster’s A-rated Elise collection for some French-style flair. Combining professional performance with high-spec looks, it won an award for Best Kitchen & Household product in 2013 and comes in eight colours and two widths – 100cm and 110cm. This one also comes as an induction option and includes a fan oven, Handyrack, storage drawer and dual circuit glide-out grill. If you prefer a gas hob, dual fuel models come with cast iron pan supports, multi-ring burner, wok cradle and single-handed ignition.

2 Elise 110 Induction Blog


I also love Rangemaster’s Professional+ 100 FX, which is A-rated for energy efficiency and provides dual fuel cooking in stainless steel, cranberry, gloss black, cream or white. With two multifunction ovens and a combined capacity of 126 litres, it has plenty of room for entertaining and cooking for the family.


3 Professional 100 FX BLOG


Rangemaster has a fantastic choice of energy efficient cooker hoods to complement your range cooker, including this Zest hood that features an Energy Diffuser that reduces noise by up to 3dB and offers 30% higher efficiency. In white or matt black, it offers three speeds plus intensive, timer delay, LED lighting and remote control.

4 Zest Hood BLOG

Check out Rangemaster’s co-ordinating collection of dishwashers and refrigeration too, for a complete energy efficient kitchen kit.

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