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Alexandra Dibble

Defrosting Food in your Multifunction Oven

Posted by Alexandra Dibble Monday, 2nd November 2015


We have probably all defrosted food in a microwave oven with varying degrees of success as the food often becomes partially cooked which isn’t what we want at all! The key to defrosting is to not apply any heat - but microwaves do apply heat!

Defrosting food in your Rangemaster multifunction oven is easy; just put the food in the oven and select the defrost function and away you go!  If your oven shelves are clean you can put the food directly on to them, if not, put the food on a rack over a tray, this way the air can circulate all around the food (check out my blog on oven cleaning!).

Please don’t defrost food in anything other than the multifunction oven as the defrost function operates just the fan without any heat, so unheated air is blown over the food, allowing it to thaw gently and safely.  Using the fan oven on a low setting may seem like a good idea but there is always a chance that the thermostat will come into play and the oven will start to heat up, which is not what we want at all, even a very low heat will spoil your frozen food.  Use the defrost function instead.

Defrost Setting

It is very important that the multifunction oven is cold when you start defrosting and that the adjoining oven or grill are not warm or in use.  Some heat could pass to food in the oven you are using to defrost.

I would strongly recommend that you defrost meat, fish and poultry in the fridge; remember to cover the food and to put raw foods on a shelf below cooked ones in the fridge so that there is no danger from cross-contamination.  

But, there are many things that can be defrosted in the oven away from prying eyes!  Desserts, breads, cakes, soups, sauces and casseroles to name just a few;  it is important to make sure that the food is thoroughly heated before serving, this really applies to things like soups and casseroles.  I have found that homemade scones taste far nicer defrosted in the oven rather than the microwave and they take very little time to thaw.  If you are thawing something that then needs to be cooked or re-heated, after defrosting, like a quiche, (make sure it is on a baking tray),  just change the function to fan cooking and select the temperature, no need for a preheat as the fan oven heats up so quickly.



Good, another function covered in your multifunction oven that I hope you will use more now. 

Don’t forget to let me know if you have any questions or comments on my blogs!


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