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Alexandra Dibble

Cooking using the Fan Function

Posted by Alexandra Dibble Monday, 13th April 2015

This is another in the series of blogs on each of the oven functions you will find on Rangemaster ovens.  I hope you find each of them useful. Don’t forget, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

The FAN function or fan oven in Rangemaster range cookers is my favourite!  Quick to heat up, I can cook on 3 levels at one time; with even heat throughout I can cook just about anything using this function - from sausages to a soufflé.

Heated air is forced into the oven cavity from the fan to cook the food, so the size and shape of tray you use is important.  If you use a tray that fits the oven, side to side or back to front, this will restrict the air flow and produce uneven results in a fan oven.


Cooking using fan function is often scorned – the cake is dry, not as moist as a gas oven but I disagree with this.  You need to reduce the temperature when cooking in the fan oven by 10 or 20 degrees C and make the cooking time shorter than when cooking using the conventional function (it is hard to be specific, as this will vary with what and how much you are cooking). 



Remember, it is not always necessary to pre-heat a fan oven, although recipes generally tell us to, but of course the recipe does not always specify the function.  I would advise you to pre-heat the fan oven before roasting meat or poultry, to seal in all the juices.  Cooking using the conventional function does require pre-heating for all food types.














I was recently contacted by one of our Customer Service team who had heard from a consumer that she was unhappy with the results from her fan oven – sausages weren’t browning and her lemon traybake was not as good as she would like.  Now, this shows how important the choice of cookware can be for good results – the sausages had been cooked in a dish with sides that did not allow the heat to reach them sufficiently to brown them, they were cooked but not brown, not very appetising; better to use a flat tray and cook the sausages on a trivet over it, they can brown more easily and the fat can drip through onto the tray.  The lemon traybake was being cooked in a tin that was too large for the oven, so preventing good air circulation. We do advise you, in the User Guide, the maximum size tray to use for the best results.


Happy Cooking!




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