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Hayley Gilbert


Posted by Hayley Gilbert Monday, 19th February 2018

If you’re planning to give the kitchen a fresh new look this year, as well as choosing a colourful range cooker from Rangemaster (and there are plenty of shades to pick from), you’ll want to select one of 2018’s hottest palettes. We’ve got the low-down from leading paint brands on what tones, shades and moods are set to take our interiors by storm…

Dulux ColourFuturesTM 2018 trend palettes

For 15 years, Dulux has been telling the story of how global trends research translates into paint colours for the home. This year the mood of the moment is a welcome home with a collection of shades that are easy to use and flow seamlessly from one tone to the next. The Colour of the Year 2018, Heart Wood, features in all four palettes and represents the warmth of natural wood – perfect for a kitchen pick-me-up:


Comforting Home

Combining warm woods, leather, silk and velvet to create a space that you want to touch and sink into. Rich, welcoming interiors offer you a restorative embrace and are allied with deep colours such as terracotta, generously layered with textures. Crafts are handmade and materials are tactile. The Comforting Home palette encourages cocooning and re-setting.


1 Dulux Comforting Home H


Heart Wood Home

This is where you feel instantly at ease, surrounded by the gentle tone of Heart Wood, a smoky warm neutral with a hint of heather. The nourishing warmth of wood and tactile comfort of leather add to the sense of harmony. Delicately textured fabrics offer a subtle contrast to smooth marble and copper and well-worn furniture sits alongside newer pieces with geometric forms.


2 Dulux Heart Wood Home W

3 Dulux Heart Wood Home H 

The Playful Home

This can be your hub to recharge in, your space to create and dream in. It is above all a space for drawing inspiration from favourite musicians, authors and artists – somewhere to welcome like-minded friends.


4 Dulux Playful Home Sali


The Inviting Home

Comfort and convenience reign supreme in the Inviting Home. Giant sofas welcome the whole family. Dining tables gather people to enjoy each other’s company. Natural light streams in and fabrics are cotton and linens. This is effortless style where everything has a purpose.


5 Dulux Inviting Home Mis


6 Dulux Inviting Home Dri


Crown Paints Colour Influences Spring/Summer 2018

There are three inspiring looks for the coming season…



Imagine the low light of dusk casting long shadows and you capture the spirit of Linear. This trend gives fresh meaning to Bauhaus. The greyed palette combines watery blues with muted pinks, giving the appearance of being diffused by a subtle haze. The palette is then sharpened with neat black lines that bring Linear into focus.



This trend is plain and honest with its intention – it seeks to provoke. Provocative is a bold reaction in colour form, the striking combinations push and pull against one another to create something original. In the spirit of artistic murals that adorn the walls of east London, this is similarly a form of expression.



This artistic interpretation picks out the wide brush stokes on an abstract canvas, combining all the fresh colours of a beautiful English garden.


The below kitchen show shades from Crown’s new colour card


7 Crown Lemon Squash Sof


Farrow & Ball’s key colours for Spring 2018

Surprising colour combinations are key for home décor this spring with Farrow & Ball’s Pitch Blue and Calke Green taking the trend into bold territory. Combine in equal measure rather than one being an accent to the other. Calke Green is a rich sage green with a dark, masculine feel that can bring small spaces to life while Pitch Blue is a lively cobalt with timeless appeal that can appear fantastically intense in areas with minimal natural light. Large-scale wallpapers can also embrace these colours with the botanical Helleborus BP 5606 incorporating Calke Green, perfect for spring.


9 Farrow Ball Pitch Blu

10 Farrow Ball Hellebor


Pantone Colour of the Year 2018

Ultra Violet is a dramatic shade that may be best suited to accessories in the kitchen. Here’s our pick of the perfect finishing touches that embrace this regal shade…


Kensington dining armchair, £549,


11 Bridgman


Hare coaster, £3.50,

12 Annabel James


Katinka mosaics, £11.95,


13 Original Style


Polka coffee cups, £44.95,


14 Annabel James

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