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Hayley Gilbert


Posted by Hayley Gilbert Monday, 8th August 2016

One trend that has taken the kitchen market by storm is the hot water tap and it’s easy to see why. As well as looking sleek and stylish next to the sink, it also offers benefits in terms of water and energy usage. By turning on a hot water tap for cooking or a cuppa instead of boiling the kettle, you only use the amount of water you need and don’t waste energy boiling up more than required. It also saves time, as the hot water is instant, and can even cut down on electricity costs, too.


Rangemaster has recently launched the GEO 4 in 1 tap, which delivers all of the above as well as incorporating a unique safety feature, which makes it a great addition to the family home.


Boiling A


What makes the new tap stand out is that you get cold, hot, filtered cold and 98˚C water as well as a fantastic home delivery and installation service. You can also order descaler and filter cartridges from the dedicated website, which has plenty of information to help you choose.


Filter A


GEO also features a magnetic hot fob that has to be in place before the 98˚C water can be dispensed. “This system is far safer than a switch or lever,” says Rangemaster, “as children and other vulnerable people can’t learn how to do it just by watching. The fob can be kept in a secure place ready for use when needed. Two fobs are supplied with each tap and spares are available. Keeping the temperature to 98˚C is perfect for good, full flavour tea and coffee and also avoids the danger of spitting, which happens at 100˚C because of bubbles in the water. It also means the GEO system has gained WRAS approval.”


Close Up 1C


There are two tap styles to select from – Classic for a traditional look or Trend for a contemporary feel. The hot water itself comes from a three-litre interactive boiler that can produce 104 cups of tea or coffee per hour. Water is filtered before going into the boiler via a cartridge that has a high quality solid 54 micron membrane.


As well as removing the deposits that can cause limescale, the filter also gets rid of any unpleasant tastes and odours, heavy metals and chemicals. This, combined with an adjustment setting that allows you to adapt it for water hardness, cuts down the need for descaling to around once a year.


Priced £1,249, you can find more information on GEO at


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